March 23, 2023

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Barcelona redresses ticket violations after the "Camp Nou" incident

Barcelona redresses ticket violations after the “Camp Nou” incident

Barcelona – Reuters

Barcelona president Joan Laporte has announced that the Catalan club will stop changing tickets for his home European Championships in Camp Nou following reports that 30,000 Eintracht Frankfurt fans have entered his stadium to attend the European Football League. Last Thursday, only five thousand tickets were issued to the guest team despite the rules.

Barcelona lost 4–3 to Germany 3–2 in the quarter-finals on Thursday.

While Barcelona was expecting the support of a large crowd at its stadium, the ESPN television network said the number of fans for the visiting team had reached nearly 30,000 out of a total of 79,468 spectators.

Barcelona reported that 37,746 fans were season ticket holders, 5,000 fans were in the amphitheater designated for spectators, and 34,440 fans bought their tickets in other ways. The rest of the spectators attended at the invitation of the European Union for a more popular sport (UEFA).

Barcelona said: “We confirm that the 34,440 tickets sold will be sold outside Germany. The club did not sell these tickets to German fans. Those who bought these tickets gave them to German fans. This is clear. “

Laborda said Barcelona had no role to play in getting tickets to German fans.

“We do not want what happened again at the Barcelona ground, we will take what is necessary. We will not allow the transfer of tickets for international matches on our soil,” Laborda added.

The club is not responsible for any violations of the rules. Support him at Camp Nou.