June 3, 2023

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Because it is dangerous to health .. It is forbidden to keep these foods in the refrigerator

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Publish a site WeChat Chinese is a list of foods that should not be refrigerated because they can lose their nutritional value and pose a health risk, including spicy, tropical fruits and pickled vegetables.

According to the Chinese website, many people see the refrigerator as a cupboard where you can put everything. But this is a misconception and can be life threatening.

He says it is wrong to keep spices and seasonings like anise and pepper in the refrigerator because they absorb moisture in the refrigerator and thus begin to produce mycotoxins that cause liver disease.

In addition, it is a mistake to refrigerate tropical fruits such as bananas and lychees because they lose their benefits and decompose quickly due to moisture, and the low temperature environment helps the bacteria to multiply in the fruit. Production of mycotoxins.

It is not recommended to refrigerate pasta items such as uncooked vermicelli.

The author points out that fermented vegetables and medicinal herbs are not recommended to be kept in the refrigerator because they are next to food for a long time as they absorb moisture and penetrate into various bacteria, losing their benefits. Properties.


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