March 27, 2023

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Before the decisive round ... Shame and accusation ignite the atmosphere in the Egyptian league

Before the decisive round … Shame and accusation ignite the atmosphere in the Egyptian league

The Egyptian League is witnessing a state of ignition just hours before the 33rd and final round matches, which could witness an official final.

And getting ready Jamalek To face El Endoc El Harpie, at the Air Defense Stadium, on Tuesday evening, he must officially win the title, he is 4 points away from El Gauna’s guest Al Ahly.

A few hours before the two matches, Ahmed Mujahid, the chairman of the committee that runs the Egyptian Football Association, opened fire on some of al-Ahly’s icons.

Mujahid said in a televised statement on Tuesday morning: “It is insane to say that the referees are directing the Egyptian league championship towards a particular club.”

He added, “It is not uncommon for a respectable person to sit down and say that a particular person instructed the referees to give the league to a particular club.”

The president of the Egyptian Football Association accused the league of trying to incite treason by accusing him of leading a particular club and not accepting the loss.

He added: “This hadith cannot come from a wise person, but it does come from a person who wants to incite treason in the country.”

He concluded: “It is necessary to hold this person accountable, to reconsider his behavior and to determine the extent of his motive for inciting treason, or whether he makes any speech,” he described as “stupid.”

Mujahideen’s statements caused controversy on social media, especially among Al-Ahly fans, who blamed the humiliation on themselves, and on the club’s channel analyst, Osama Hosni.

Hosni directly accused the Egyptian Football Association and the refereeing team of advising Jamalek on the gift of the Egyptian League shield this season.

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It is noteworthy that Jamalek is close to regaining the Egyptian league title after missing 5 seasons of winning the Al-Ahly League.

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