February 7, 2023

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Betrayal of victims and their families Hurriyat News

Betrayal of victims and their families Hurriyat News


Amnesty International has criticized the visit of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to China. He said this was a shortcoming in addressing crimes against humanity in Xinjiang.

Commenting on the outcome of the three-day trip, Amnesty International Secretary-General Agnes Colmart said, “It is time for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to publicly acknowledge the magnitude and seriousness of the Chinese government’s human rights abuses. . “

“The High Commissioner should release the long-awaited report on Xinjiang and present the findings at the next meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in June,” he added.

“Failure to publish a report adequately reporting crimes against humanity in the region is a betrayal of the victims and their families. This series of unrest threatens the credibility of the High Commissioner’s Office.”

According to the rights group, the High Commissioner’s visit was “marked by photo opportunities with senior government officials and his statements were handled by the Chinese state media, making it appear that he was directly involved in the most predictable campaign training for the Chinese government.”

Instead, Amnesty International has called on Michelle Bachelet to condemn the massive human rights abuses that are currently taking place and to seek accountability, truth and justice.

Earlier on Saturday, he called on the Chinese government to reconsider its anti-terrorism policies to ensure compliance with international human rights standards.

But it was not an inquiry into Beijing’s human rights policies, but an opportunity to engage with the government.

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Rights groups and Western nations have expressed concern that China could use the visit as a recognition of its human rights record. “We believe it’s wrong to agree to a visit in this situation,” State Department spokeswoman Nate Price said Tuesday.