June 9, 2023

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Between privacy infringement and innovation… New app creates images with the help of artificial intelligence

Developer Akash Shastri launched the “Hotshot” app, which gives its users an opportunity to create pictures with their friends using their real personal photos and create innovative pictures using artificial intelligence technology.

The developer, Shastri, posted a group of photos and videos on his account in which he appears with one of his friends, and the images were created to show them together eating a salad at a restaurant.

The images created using the new service are largely characterized by their unreality, and they look cartoonish, which is ideal for creating funny and unique images, while placing images of the faces of friends and loved ones.

And the new service doesn’t require friends’ consent to use their photos in modified photos, which would be a huge violation of their privacy.

The new app is currently only available on “iPhone” phones.

To ensure users’ privacy, “Hot Shot” app was keen to ensure that users’ images are deleted from its server 24 hours after uploading and not shared with any third-party company.

The service relies on a self-developing artificial intelligence system that can be used to add people’s faces to photos in two ways: by selecting them from a list of contacts, if they have private photos, or by adding their photos inside. application.

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The app allows you to use photos and videos created directly in iMessage conversations. Apart from the feature of creating anime-style images, users can avail this service completely free of charge.