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احذر تجاهلهما.. علامتان غير عاديتين لنقص فيتامين د في جسمك

Beware of ignoring them .. Two unusual symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in your body

08:00 pm

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Books – Syed Medwali
Vitamin D or “sunlight vitamin” is absolutely essential for the healthy functioning of the body. It is the food we eat, the recommended supplements and most importantly the essential nutrients that we can get from the sun.
Sunlight is the best and natural way to increase the amount of vitamin D in your body.
In many cases, we overlook the benefits of vitamins and minerals in our body, which are only noticed when the body undergoes a drastic change or when experiencing some discomfort and pain, as vitamin D plays an important role in keeping our bones healthy and reduced. Anxiety and generally increase immunity.

Its importance

As is well known, vitamin D is produced naturally in the skin in response to sunlight, and it can also be used in certain foods and supplements rich in vitamin D.
It regulates the body’s absorption of adequate amounts of calcium and phosphorus, improves immune function, fights infections and various diseases, and facilitates the normal growth and development of bones and teeth.
In addition to these basic benefits, studies show that it helps reduce stress and tension and control mood, and that those who want to lose weight can also reap the benefits of vitamin D because it helps you achieve the desired weight loss goals.
Low levels in the body can cause some problems and the symptoms can be very subtle and almost invisible, however, according to Timesofindia, you should notice two unusual symptoms of vitamin deficiency.

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Fatigue and weakness

People with vitamin deficiency often complain that they feel tired and weak, which limits their ability to perform their daily activities.
Weakness in the muscles can make it difficult to climb stairs or get off the floor, and can cause the person to stagger, i.e. walk on short, awkward steps.

Bone pain

When it comes to vitamin D, it is considered a treatment for rickets, which can lead to weakening of the bones in children. Scientifically, vitamin D helps absorb calcium and phosphorus to build and strengthen bones.
The definitive way to detect low levels of vitamin D in the body
Vitamin D deficiency can be diagnosed with the help of a blood test. There are two tests to confirm your deficiency – the most common being 25-hydroxyvitamin D, otherwise known as 25 (OH) D.