March 30, 2023

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Beware ... these foods are associated with lifelong weight gain

Beware … these foods are associated with lifelong weight gain

There are many reasons why open buffets are so popular, they combine a variety of inevitably delicious dishes that can fill your plate with multiple rounds, but whatever you pick can lead to your weight gain.

The researchers tracked 82 underweight teenagers and recorded what they chose at the buffet, followed up with them a year later, and found that those who chose foods that were considered “overweight” had significantly higher body fat and weight gain. Compared to those who chose healthy foods.

Hyperbolic foods are high in calories, simple carbohydrates, added sugars and fats, sodium and low in fiber, according to a new study in the journal Appetite.

These foods are usually digested very quickly, which is why it takes longer for the body to send signals of fullness to the brain, noting that a heavy meal can be easily eaten without full consciousness, explained Terra Fascino, the study’s lead author.

Fascino said those who choose foods high in carbohydrates and sodium tend to be overweight.

Foods that can lead to weight gain

Examples of these foods that can lead to weight gain include sausage and other processed meats, pastries and sweets and salty snacks such as white bread, brownies and cookies.

Facino said these foods have a psychological and physiological effect, which leads to more food, which means eating more calories.

But it was noted that eating these foods in moderation does not pose a risk of obesity and weight gain and can achieve a balance between choices.