March 23, 2023

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Biden makes a fuss about the "hidden imam" of Islam

Biden makes a fuss about the “hidden imam” of Islam

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – US President Joe Biden has sparked widespread contacts among activists on social media following reports that he has been described as a “hidden imam” in Islam.

In the sensational video, Biden said: “I know a little about the details of Islam, I know a little, but I do not know the difference, I do not know the hidden imam, so I hired a professor accordingly.”

What is the Mahdi expected by Sunnis and Shias?

In the Islamic world, both Sunni and Shiite, there are things that are invisible at the time they occur, but they are inevitable and certain for many, and it is well known that they come under the concept of hourly signs. One of these things that is accepted by most Muslims is the appearance of the expected Mahdi. According to Salman al-Ansari, CNN previously wrote that Sunnis and Shiites acknowledge him as a loyal and just ruler of the Hashimite dynasty and a forerunner of Mary’s son Jesus.

The fundamental difference between Sunnis and Shias in this regard is that the Shias believe in the life and existence of this Mahdi on a specific basis, and he will emerge when the time comes for him to appear. According to al-Ansari, the Sunnis see him as an ordinary man and do not personally know that he is a Mahdi until people believe in him for it.

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