March 23, 2023

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Billions of planes ... How did Elon Musk fund the astronomy Twitter deal?

Billions of planes … How did Elon Musk fund the astronomy Twitter deal?

The American “Bloomberg” company asked about the source on which it depends Elon Musk To finance the purchaseTwitterShe described it as a “puzzle”.

According to the agency, Musk currently owes $ 13 billion against his stake in Twitter.

In addition, the world’s richest man arranged another $ 12.5 billion in debt.TeslaHis stake in the company is $ 170 billion.

But these loans are not enough, so how can you pay off the remaining $ 44 billion needed to complete the contract?

The New York Times wrote that Musk had a strong chance of selling some of his stake in Tesla to finance the deal.

Tesla’s stock traded at $ 978 on Monday evening.

Musk owns several private companies, including Boring, which specializes in tunnel development, with a market value of about $ 6 billion.

He also owns shares in other companies, including “SpaceX”, which has a market value of $ 100 billion over the past year.

Muskin’s assets are worth $ 257 billion, but most of them are shares in companies, and he holds no more than $ 3 billion in cash.

Among the options offered, Musk should use other investors who agree with his view, to finance the purchase of Twitter, i.e. to conclude the deal with shares for old or new shareholders in a leading company in the social media industry. .

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