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Both Aya Neo 2 and Aya Neo Slide have specifications that challenge the steam deck.


Mobile device maker Aya Neo has added the Aya Neo 2 and Aya Neo Slide to its line of gaming laptops, both of which come with an upgraded Ryzen 7 6800U chip and a Radeon 680M graphics processor integrated with RDNA 2 graphics. A statement from Short. The Radeon 680M iGPU is capable of pushing 3.38 teraflops, more than twice the 1.6 teraflops provided by SteamTech.

As pointed out Domin devicesThe Ryzen 7 6800 APU (APU) has eight cores and runs on the fastest Gen 3 Plus chassis. It comes with an integrated Radeon 680M iGPU with 12 system units (CUs). In comparison, the SteamTech has a quad-core AMD APU It runs on older Gen 2 architecture and iGPU with RDNA 2 graphics and eight controllers. Based on those specifications, the Neo 2 and Neo slide may have better performance than the steam deck – but we will not know until we see that the hardware is active.

The Aya Neo 2 has rounded corners and a Nintendo-like color scheme.
Image: Sir is new

Slide and Neo 2 both come with LPDDR5-6400 RAM support and Aya claims that the Neo 2 will feature PCIe 4.0 storage, USB 4.0 ports and a fingerprint scanner. In addition to some indoor gaming upgrades, the exterior of the engine has also been redesigned. Neo Swaps2 Upfront payment Rough edges for rounder corners, they look like edges Aya new next device The company was released earlier this year. It also has an updated dark / light gray color scheme reminiscent of classic Nintendo consoles.

However, the Neo slide comes with a very interesting design. As its name implies, the screen slides up like a larger version of the RGB Backlit keyboard. Motorola Droid 4 (And other older phones) have the same functionality. It is unclear how well this will work.

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To expose the RGB keyboard, the screen moves on the Aya Neo slide.
Image: Sir is new

Aya did not provide release dates for the Neo slide or Neo 2, but says it will come later this year. While there are no further pricing details, the devices do not come cheap – Verse New, Verse New Pro and Verse New Next They all cost over $ 1,000, which is more than the $ 399 starting price of SteamTech. You can see the prices (hopefully) near the steam deck with the Aya Neo The next entry level is fresh airHowever, there will obviously be a trade when it comes to performance.

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