May 30, 2023

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Call on drivers not to increase the vehicle hue to 50%

Call on drivers not to increase the vehicle hue to 50%

Abu Dhabi: “Gulf”
Abu Dhabi Police have appealed to motorists not to raise the color of vehicle windows to 50% of the interior view level, to the side and rear windows, to achieve an acceptable view of the road.
The Directorate of Traffic and Patrol said that determining the percentage of glass form is approved after thorough inspections, and to ensure that it does not affect the level of vision of drivers, car owners and drivers should fully follow this percentage. Their safety and the safety of other road users and their private and public property.
Through its patrol in the field, the Directorate observed several violations such as thermal insulation of glass, solar panels or reflective color and fog color on side glass or front windows. He explained that these practices violated federal traffic and traffic law, which only recognized 50% of the paint on the front and rear windows of the vehicle in black.
Placing a heat insulator or staining any part of the windshield and interfering with the driver’s vision while driving on the road is prohibited.
He pointed out that according to the Federal Traffic and Traffic Act and the Schedule of Violations, there are two violations related to painting the vehicle differently: first, the increase in the percentage of tilt of the windows of the vehicle is approved, secondly, the painting of the vehicle which is not allowed to paint and a fine of 1500 dirhams is allowed to the driver at the same time. Writing phrases or placing stickers on the vehicle is prohibited; A fine of 500 dirhams.

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