October 1, 2022

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Celebrating Emirati women’s day 2022:

Emirati women’s day is being celebrated to acknowledge and admire the presence of women on 28 August every year. The great highness Fatima bint-e-Mubarak Al Ketbi started celebrating this day with passion and enthusiasm to highlight the achievements and efforts of women all around the world. She chooses this date as the general union of women in America was created on the 28th of August which is a reason why she associates this day with women to show their empowerment and to make people aware of their role in everyone’s life. The Emirati women’s day is not restricted to the women of the Arab Emirates but they represent all women by specifying Emirati women.

Brief about pioneer of Emirati women’s day:

Highness Sheikha was not any ordinary personality, she had a great influence on Arab and she played a major role to address women rights, also she made it easier for women to raise their voice, share their opinion and get elected in assemblies. Moreover, she passed many resolutions in the favor of determinant women who want to go to abroad for higher education, participate in sports, martial arts and other hectic activities as there are no boundaries or limitations for women to perform any of these tasks. She was a huge admirer of making women capable of utilizing their talent and strength for country’s development. Also she got several international awards for her endless efforts for women all across the world to appreciate her devotion for this great cause.

The theme of Emirati women’s day 2022:

The theme conclude with the phrases that contain “inspiring reality, sustainable future”. The theme of this year’s women’s day is emphasizing the beautiful reality that women are a significant and crucial part of every societal growth and development. From bringing a new life to this world, to their upbringing and better nourishment nobody can compete with the priceless efforts and pain a mother went through. In every relationship, whether it’s sister, daughter, mother, or wife you can’t deny their role in your life. Similarly in the professional world, there has been left nothing which women are not capable to do in 21st century. They are working with men having equal capabilities to become independent which is great that they are no more relying on being financially independent.

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Along with all these facts, it can be truly said that they are making the future sustainable. No nation can get success without the involvement and support of its women and fortunately, in the Emirates, they are doing wonders in every walk of life which is highly commendable. When the era of Sheikh Zayed started, this was the beginning of revolution of women empowerment that changed their thought process entirely. This day also remember the empowering and strongest women Arab to make them role models and sources of inspiration for many others.

Reason for celebrating this day:

The main cause behind celebrating this day as discussed earlier is to accentuate and promote the role of women in society. The thought to celebrate this day is to give a positive message to the world that they can conquer the world if they have given enough support and words of encouragement by boosting their morale and make them believe in their selves. All the inspiration and development lies in finding out their strength, once we empower our women to achieve what they want and back them in every field of life whether is getting higher education or flying an airplane, they are not lesser when it comes to skill and determination. One of the main reasons behind the development and evolution of the United Arab Emirates is its highly positive attitude toward women’s empowerment helps them in flourishing their dreams. Furthermore, it also promotes gender equality and condemning the narrow mindset of considering women inferior. It emphasize that men and women both have similar rights and nobody can steal it from any gender.

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Now let’s discuss how beautifully and realistically we can celebrate this day to spread awareness and the importance of women’s empowerment.

Activities which can be performed this day:

  • You all are well aware of the power of social media in the modern era. But power is something which can be used for good of evil. On this women’s day, you can spread a public message by sharing examples of those successful and powerful women who made them wrong this statement that women are worthless. Social media can be a great tool to educate the world and inspire young girls to follow those women who never quit!
  • You can also help those institutions or those people who are helping women to fulfill their dreams and who provide shelter to helpless victimized women. This can be a great act to celebrate women’s day.
  • A peaceful protest can be done in every country where you can highlight the importance of this gender through sensible and well-written play cards through this way you can peacefully convey your message.

Suitable flowers to gift your women on this day:

Yes! There are flowers you can send as gift to your mother, daughter, sister, wife or any other women to admire their efforts and make them feel appreciated which boost their strengths. Let’s discuss them briefly:

  1. Mimosa:

This flower can be a great choice to present in front of women on women’s day because this flower has been specified for this day. It represents the beauty and courage of women. It symbolize how a sensitive creature can do many such tasks which are harder to even imagine. It can also be given to praise their beauty.

  1. Yellow flowers:

Yellow flowers are not suitable for wife, mother or girlfriend because they are specified to friendship so this flower can be appropriately gifted to your female best friend or sister to show your affection and care for them on women’s day.

  1. Promise:
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This flower is ideal for presenting those hardworking women or achievers who have been through a lot and end up being a winner in any field of life.

  1. Carnations:

Carnation flowers are bright red and pink in colored ideal to gift your wife or lover to show your love and make her feel loved.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the theme of 2022 International women’s day?

The theme which is set for this year’s women’s day is that if we educate, promote and encourage our women to accomplish everything they can do wonders and then our future will be prosperous. Also this mindset is essential by breaking some stereotypes because women also have that potential to get the desired objectives of their own will.

What color symbolize international women’s day?

Purple and green are those colors that represent this day. There is a reason behind it as purple color is a sign of prestige or higher ranked and women are priceless undoubtedly & green is a sign of hope which means that there will be a day when the whole world will get convinced that this gender has those  extraordinary qualities required to do anything.

When was women’s day first announced in UAE:

In 2015, it was decided by Highness Sheikha Fatima that this honorary day will be celebrated on the 28th of August on a global level.

Final verdict:

Women’s day is being celebrated all over the world which is getting great importance with each passing year. The agenda behind celebrating this day is to educate and emphasize the role of women in the collective growth of a country. With the passage of time people are now getting aware of significance of women empowerment to make their future better and this mindset is getting popular which is satisfying to see people cherishing women’s success to make this world a better place to live in.