February 8, 2023

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Chad Lamzard's concert in Baghdad canceled due to enemy attempts

Chad Lamzard’s concert in Baghdad canceled due to enemy attempts

Today, Thursday, the administration of the tourist city of “Sinbad Land” in Baghdad canceled a concert scheduled for Moroccan artist Chad Lamjard.

The celebrity star was scheduled to make her concert debut in Iraq today, Thursday, in Synpot Land, east of the capital.

Hundreds of protesters, led by clergy, gathered in front of the tourist town and raised banners against holding the ceremony.

Some protesters tried to besiege the tourist city, but rebel forces managed to stop them.

Cancel the party completely

After meetings in front of the tourist city entrance, the administration canceled the party altogether.

To coincide with the first anniversary of the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of Imam Ali, the management of “Sinpath Land” decided to postpone the concert of the Moroccan artist in Baghdad from June 2 to 9 of the same month. Management report released by the Iraq News Agency (INA).

Often, armed groups and demonstrators of their supporters press for the cancellation of art and song concerts; On the basis that it conforms to religious ceremonies or violates existing rules and religious teachings.

Mohammed Ramadan .. and Elisa

Earlier, following a concert hosted by Egyptian artist Mohammed Ramadan, the tourist city was forced to pledge not to host banquets.

In recent months, the city of “Sinpath Land” has revived the concert of artists Mohammed Ramadan and Elisa, but there has been controversy over the party, while a concert has been planned for artists Asi El-Hilani and Hassan Shakash. Canceled last year.

The tourist city is considered one of the largest sports cities in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and is the premier for hosting concerts by prominent Arab artists.

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