June 27, 2022

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Coalition: Houthi militants carry out piracy and threaten international navigation

Coalition: Houthi militants carry out piracy and threaten international navigation

Aden: “The Gulf”

Yesterday, Saturday, a spokesman for the Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen, Brigadier General Turki al-Maliki, confirmed that Houthi militants were threatening piracy and international navigation. By the time the Yemeni army announced the release of Ola, Saleh was within legal military targets. Al-Maliki said at a news conference on Saturday that “we do not want to target the ports … we want to achieve a comprehensive political solution, but when the Houthis use civilian bases … they are losing international immunity … thus (Hodeidah and Salif) Ports) made a formal military target. ” Al-Maliki said the Houthi hacking of the “Rawabi” ship was a violation of international navigation, and stressed that the “Rawabi” ship was carrying equipment for a military field hospital to Sokotra.

Al-Maliki added, “We destroyed 248 sea tunnels and more than 100 landmine boats in the Red Sea.” Missile ship (Pakik) and ship from Hodeidah (Arsen)

Meanwhile, the Yemeni National Army announced yesterday that it would liberate the first parts of al-Baida Governorate from the clutches of Houthi militants.

The Yemeni Armed Forces Media Center said: “After the liberation of Baihan in Shabwa Governorate, troops and Giants liberated the isolation of Maswar al-Tabash and the isolation of al-Lakf and reached the isolation of the square in the center of the Numan district within the al-Baida governorate, in the Numan district within the al-Baida governorate.”

For his part, Amir al-Humaikani, a spokesman for al-Jahr opposition in al-Qa’eda’s governorate, said: “Addition:” Fugitive Houthi elements left groups and war mechanisms. “

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After violent wars waged by the Giants against the Houthi militants, the Giants announced last night, Friday, the liberation of the city of Upper Pyhon in the Shabwa Governorate, during which the Houthi fighters suffered heavy casualties in equipment and lives, and hundreds more were killed and wounded in its ranks.

Giants’ forces determined the battle of the city of Baihan on Friday afternoon and were able to control the roads leading from the al-Saadi junction to the Harib district in the Marib governorate and the road leading to the al-Baida governorate. Tahabli meeting. Giants’ forces allowed the Houthi militants six hours to leave the Ain district, the third and final district of the western Shabwa governorate, after the first complete control of the neighboring Baihan district.

One week ago, forces loyal to the legitimate government launched a military operation with the support of coalition aircraft to retake the western Shabwa districts captured by the militants last September.