March 25, 2023

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Colors of the homeland | Speak now in the sky of Egypt .. Amazing view of the event where the Moon and the planet Venus merge

The sky of Egypt and the Arab world currently sees a unique astronomical event, Venus merging with the Moon, where they are separated by only one degree.

Moon and Venus, In the order of the second and third brightest celestial bodies in the solar system after the star of the sun, in a pretty beautiful scene, they are numbered, and they will be in this scene a few hours after sunset. , And this astronomical phenomenon is hard for me to follow, and it can be seen very simply.

How do we see the conjunction of the Moon and Venus?

Dr. Jat al-Qadi, head of the Astronomical and Geophysical Research Institute, told al-Wadani that the lunar eclipse could be observed. And Venus The sky in Egypt and the Arab world differs from the naked eye, and the steps to follow are simple.

The head of the Astronomical and Geophysical Research Institute explains that we need to look at the western horizon to see the event of the conjunction of the Moon and Venus, then we will see the crescent visible and the blue planet Venus next to it. The glowing point, which is the natural color of the planet Venus.

Dr. Ghat al-Qadi pointed out that this remarkable event is seen in the skies of Egypt and the Arab world, starting at exactly 5.15 pm and ending at 7.45 pm from the beginning of dusk.

The longest lunar eclipse is in November

November witnessed about 12 astronomical events, most notably the longest lunar eclipse of the current century, and according to the US space agency “NASA” this partial eclipse lasted 3 hours, from 28 November 19 hours and 23 seconds, which is 2001 And the longest eclipse between 2021, according to the American newspaper “Business Insider”.

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The lunar eclipse is not visible around the world, but can only be seen above the lunar horizon, but can be viewed from homes entirely without the need for telescopes or telescopes in North America. Unfortunately, this eclipse does not appear in the skies of Egypt and the Arab world.