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Connect with your loved ones.. 10 Simple Steps to Improve Your Mental Health



Connect with your loved ones.. 10 Simple Steps to Improve Your Mental Health

Written by Merwat Rashad

Thursday, October 12, 2023 03:00 AM

Unlike physical symptoms, symptoms of problems are difficult to detect mental health Or it may not be apparent at first sight. Some mental disorders are hereditary but can be caused by lifestyle factors such as stress, lack of sleep, exercise, sun exposure. Mental health is rarely taken for granted, and as published on the website, here are 10 things to do every day to enjoy healthy mental health. “In Hindu Times”.

Tips for improving mental health

Taking care of your mental health is essential to overall well-being. Just like prioritizing physical health, it’s important to incorporate daily routines to boost your mental health. There are ten things you can do daily to boost your emotional stability and mental health..

1. Practicing Meditation:

Set aside a few minutes each day to meditate. It can help you stay balanced, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness.

2. Exercise regularly:

Do whatever physical activity you like, whether it’s brisk walking, yoga, or a full-body workout. Exercise releases endorphins that improve your mood..

3. Make sleep a priority:

Aim to get at least 8 hours of quality sleep each night. A well-rested mind is better equipped to deal with daily stressors..

4. Connect with your loved ones:

Strengthen relationships with family and friends Spending time with your loved ones provides emotional support and strengthens your social bonds..

5. Control Screen Time:

Set limits on screen time, especially social media and news consumption. Excessive exposure to negative information can contribute to anxiety.

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6. Practicing Gratitude:

Keep a gratitude journal and write down three things you are grateful for each day. This exercise promotes a positive mindset..

7. Learn something new:

Stimulate your mind by acquiring new skills or knowledge. It can boost your confidence and keep your mind active.

8. Create a routine:

Create a daily schedule that includes time for work, rest, and self-care. Routine provides structure and reduces uncertainty.

9. Express yourself:

Find creative ways to express your feelings, such as art, writing, or music. It can be therapeutic and help activate the commons

10. Get Help:

If you struggle with mental health issues, don’t hesitate to consult a mental health professional. Therapy can provide valuable support and coping strategies.

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The most dangerous of them is the “breath of the dead” … Bad breath is a symptom of these serious diseases



The most dangerous of them is the “breath of the dead” … Bad breath is a symptom of these serious diseases

Some metabolic disorders can cause bad breath due to various problems in the intestines, blood or liver.

The following are the most important medical conditions that can cause complications:


  • A common condition that causes bad breath in the mouth and throat is diabetes because high glucose levels can cause the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Because people with diabetes have insulin problems, cells may not get the glucose they need for energy, and instead the body starts burning fat-forming compounds called ketones.
  • Ketones accumulate in the blood and urine and cause bad breath.
  • One of these ketones is acetone, and it can cause breath to smell like nail polish.
  • If someone with diabetes notices the smell, they should seek medical advice as it could be due to diabetic ketoacidosis, a life-threatening condition.

Liver disease

  • If a person’s breath has a strong, foul smell, this is a sign that the liver is not filtering out toxins.
  • Doctors call this distinctive smell “the breath of the dead” because of its association with severe and fatal liver disease.

Kidney disease

  • Chronic kidney disease is a condition in which the kidneys are damaged and cannot filter the blood properly, which is why excess fluids and waste from the blood can build up in the body and cause other health problems such as heart disease and stroke.
  • People with kidney failure may develop bad breath.
  • As the kidneys begin to fail, the metabolic urea cannot be excreted effectively in the urine, and it accumulates in the blood and saliva.
  • The body converts urea into ammonia, which causes bitterness in the mouth and bad breath.
  • One in three people on dialysis say their breath smells like urine.
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Too much methionine in the blood

  • It is an increase in a specific protein building block (amino acid) called methionine in the blood.
  • People with this condition often have no symptoms, but if their breath, sweat, or urine smells like boiled cabbage, they should see a doctor.

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Head of State: We are interested in international cooperation to achieve the success of the goals of “COP28”.



Head of State: We are interested in international cooperation to achieve the success of the goals of “COP28”.

The Head of State Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan attended some of the “Group of 77 and China” meetings held during the proceedings of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations. Framework Conference on Climate Change (COP28), which is taking place at Expo City Dubai.

While attending the meeting, he welcomed the participating leaders and emphasized the importance of cooperation among developing countries to promote their common interests and to ensure their presence in international affairs, embodied in the meetings of the group.

His Highness emphasized the UAE’s interest in strengthening international cooperation to achieve the success of the goals of the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties in accelerating the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon, high-growth economic model through effective detection. Action-based solutions to the climate crisis facing the world.

For their part, participants appreciated the UAE’s hosting of the first-ever group meetings at COP conferences, noting that the meetings provided an opportunity to discuss areas of common interest, identify common challenges and propose measures to address them. Confront team members while emphasizing the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

During the World Climate Action Summit, the leaders also appreciated the announcement of the President of the State, emphasizing the importance of this initiative in supporting the path of sustainable development and promoting sustainable development globally. Based on international cooperation.

They also emphasized the importance of the “COP28” agenda, which aims to catalyze collective action to protect ecosystems and food systems that are resilient to climate change, empowering the most affected communities by investing in practical solutions to improve lives and livelihoods. .

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Muhammad bin Saeed:

• Finding effective solutions to the global climate crisis.

• Accelerating the transition towards a sustainable economic model.

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Amiri Diwan confirms stability of Kuwait Emir’s health… And prosecution threatens to prosecute those who spread rumors about “the arrangement of the ruling house”.



Amiri Diwan confirms stability of Kuwait Emir’s health… And prosecution threatens to prosecute those who spread rumors about “the arrangement of the ruling house”.

United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s health condition was confirmed on Saturday by the Minister of Emirati Diwan Affairs, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah. It is stable, thanks to God Almighty,” Kuwait News Agency reported. “Kona.”

The minister added: “We pray to the Almighty God for a speedy recovery to the Emir of the country and to grant him good health and complete well-being.”

The Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs said on Wednesday that the health of the Emir of Kuwait is stable and he is still receiving the necessary treatment.

Earlier, the Amiri Diwan minister said the Kuwaiti emir “entered the hospital to receive treatment and undergo a medical examination following a health condition”.

For its part, the Kuwaiti Public Prosecution warned in a statement on Saturday against “taking decisive action and filing criminal charges against every individual, group, platform, media, radio station or any organization that publishes or addresses anything related to the health of the Emir or the arrangement of the ruling house.”

The Kuwait Public Prosecution added: “We have been monitoring many false reports and shocking lies in the media, and by individuals on visual, audio and print media platforms, about the health of the Emir of the country or the arrangements of the ruling house. According to Kuna.

Rumor mongers have used the word as a weapon to spread poison in the society using flimsy pretexts of freedom of expression, good intentions and fear, forgetting the harmful effects of rumours. According to the Kuwaiti Agency, there is more than a raging plague.

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