May 28, 2023

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Consider your husband’s “emoji”…he’s more real than his words!

The use of emoticons during correspondence between people is not uncommon, but has forced itself into all conversations, as users now use them instead of words.

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And it is not only used by women, but also became very important for men, even changing their real facial expressions.

Men are much better

A new study shows that men are better at expressing their feelings through emojis than women because they prefer to express their feelings through facial movements.

The study added that this emoji can be a better messenger of men’s psychological and anxiety state, although women are better at understanding it than them.

And men at home express feelings of anger, fear, and hunger through smartphone messages, not in person, according to a recent study conducted by psychologists at the University of Milan Picocca in Milan, Italy.

The results also show that men are better at correctly judging emotions from facial expressions than women, especially when it comes to negative emotions such as anger, sadness and disgust.

But it was much easier for women to gauge someone’s feelings from their facial expressions.

According to the Daily Mail, scientists even thought men preferred digital images because they were less ambiguous than real ones.

The researchers said: “Men are more likely to express their feelings through messages in cyberspace, but women react more strongly to images involving humans and show a more empathic response.”

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They asserted that women see facial expressions more, and that one’s face is actually attuned to what it says.

great importance
Given the importance of these “emoji” symbols in our daily lives, it is noteworthy that several studies have recently been conducted on what they are used for.

It recently emerged that the cry-laugh emoji and the smiley face are some of the emoticons Gen Z wants people to stop using because they consider the smiley face “a bit passive-aggressive.”

They also found symbols with inappropriate meanings and called for them not to be used.