August 8, 2022

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"Corey's Festival" spreads thanks to Dembele

“Corey’s Festival” spreads thanks to Dembele

Los Angeles (AFP)
In the style of American basketball star and Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry, French international winger Othmane Dembele booked his Spanish side Barcelona against Juventus in a friendly soccer match in the United States on Tuesday. In a move welcomed by the latter.
After scoring one of his two first-half goals in a 2-2 draw in Dallas, Texas, Dembele put his head in his hands and celebrated with a “good night” gesture. Eyes.
Corey, crowned with the Warriors with the NBA League title, retweeted Barcelona’s tweet on the Catalan club’s account on Twitter, captioning it a “midsummer night’s dream” and writing that it was a “move”. !!”, which means his celebration has begun, with two emoji symbols, a smiling face and a sleeping one, spreading widely.
Corey drew attention for his festive moves during the league’s playoffs last season, his team’s loss to the Boston Celtics, possibly in the sixth game of the Finals, when he eventually scored a hat trick in the final quarter to widen the gap separating the Warriors. In a game that ended 103-90, his famous green About the competitor.
Corey’s “good night” motion toward the opposing team could have put things out of his reach when he settled things, and has been adopted by many players in sports as diverse as American football and baseball.
After the Dallas Mavericks’ 4-1 win over the second game of the Western Conference finals, Corey responded, “I have no idea” about the source of the move. I didn’t even think of designing like this,” he said, “I was having fun. We all have kids and you know how important a bedtime routine is. It is the ultimate sign of a job well done that day. It’s special. “

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