March 20, 2023

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Corona increases cell death rate of bronchial epithelial cells in new victims

Corona increases cell death rate of bronchial epithelial cells in new victims

Professor Faris bin Khalil al-Anasi revealed that he and his research team at Prince Noise University in Al-Gharj Governorate conducted a program on corona patients, which lasted for almost a year: “The relationship between cellular death and its response to the virus. Taking the (Pfizer) vaccine, ”states that the project involved a study of 10 Saudi patients aged 15-45, and blood samples and nasal salt were collected from them.

Also in a special report by Al-Nice “earlier”, the results of the study showed that: Corona virus increases the rate of reproduction and increases the cellular death rate of bronchial epithelial cells in newly infected patients (for the first time) compared to healthy individuals, or for second-time victims.

He added, “We also found a significant increase in interleukin-38, one of the pain proteins (for the first time) in newly infected patients compared to healthy patients.”

He pointed out that the study showed a significant increase in protein (Cervin) in patients who had recovered from the virus or who had been vaccinated than in healthy people, and that this protein prevents cell death, thus preventing the spread of the virus. It is also one of the major benefits of the vaccine by preventing or mitigating the adverse effects of the virus.

He said at the end of the “earlier” report that the study, which was supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research at Prince Sultan University, was recently completed and immediately submitted for publication in an international scientific journal. A small portion of our results are consistent with those published worldwide.

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