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Creative ability to draw on the skin during the Riyadh season “Al-Atria” attracts viewers


“Al-Adriya” part – one of the parts Riyadh season– An exceptional opportunity to show the audience the talent of a young Saudi artist who specializes in painting on all types of skins.

Young Hamad Al-Karji trains his curiosity by writing pictures on skin and aesthetic memories, preserving and documenting them based on the preferences and requests of the audience to get unique pieces in the shops of the region.

Al-Gharzi paints on the skin using professional paints and high-quality brushes, some of his paintings taking a day or two, taking a few hours, emphasizing that the length and breadth of time are related to quality. The complexity of the drawing and details makes it a stark contrast to the many maps that have captivated the audience.

Al-Gharji, who developed the ability to paint on leather for about 10 years during his lifetime, noted that his achievement in painting murals for restaurants and cafes expanded. And to show his creativity in front of a large audience, it gave him an exceptional impetus to present unique products that were appreciated by the “Adriya” audience.

The area is located in the historic village of Al-Adria, northeast of the capital Riyadh, and offers a luxurious experience for visitors from various sections of the community, including a variety of activities: luxury restaurants, international cafes, open-air art exhibitions, and live concerts.

It is worth noting that this year’s “Riyadh season” was able to enter the Guinness Book of World Records with two new numbers.

The Riyadh season is Saudi Arabia’s most important entertainment destination, launched last October 20, and includes 14 recreational areas distributed throughout Riyadh: Boulevard Riyadh City, Via Riyad, Combat Field, Al-Adria, Oasis, The Groves, Riyadh and Wonderland, Riyadh Front, Al Muraba, Nabt Al Riyadh, Riyadh Safari, Peace Tree, Kalluha District, Zaman Village.

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The 2021 season will feature more than 7,500 events, about 10 international exhibitions, more than 350 theatrical performances, an international car show and auction, more than 70 cafes, 200 restaurants, an electronic sports competition and more than 100 interactive experiences. .

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