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Crime is returning to popular neighborhoods in Saleh, and citizens are demanding urgent intervention


A Latif Baraka: Hepa Press

Again, after many citizens have been violently robbed, the scourge of criminal procedures sweeps the alleys and paths of popular neighborhoods in the city of Saleh, precisely between the axes of Renaissance Revival, Al-Sahli roundabout and Ouved ed-Dahab, where pedestrians are detoured and stabbed.

According to citizen testimonies, residents of Zanqa Sidi Bennour, Sidi Bousdra, Zanqa Kebab, Moulay Bousselham and Zanqa Fqih Bensalah are upset by the growing panic, based on the victims’ complaints. In spite of their orders for many complaints in the interests of security, without strict security intervention and without controlling the continuation of this situation, as a result of the spread of theft, fighting and gatherings in front of houses, the citizens are in a state of insecurity.

Additionally, our sources have informed that the residents of these affected neighborhoods have been complaining of a group of people roaming the alleys of the said neighborhoods daily and at all hours, from noon to midnight, making annoying noises. Fireworks, and at the expense of the rest of the residents, it led to an illegal. This situation prompted residents of these alleys to come up with ways to present a model to the media, appealing to top security officials to direct their instructions to the concerned interests to speed up the provision of safety and security in its content. Establishing security, other citizens are preparing to organize a protest march, considering the dignity of the citizen-turned-citizen, who lives in a constant state of terror in these popular neighborhoods in Saleh.

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