March 30, 2023

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Curiosity takes an amazing 360 degree “selfie” on the Red Planet! Victor Hobic Views

Curiosity’s computer artwork by the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL)’s Mission Rover on the surface of Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover captures a stunning 360 degree selfie of the red planet.

Launched to Mars 10 years ago, the rover took pictures using a camera in the tip of its robotic arm. Took 81 unique photos to create a panoramic view of its ruined surroundings.

Curiosity’s Twitter account shared the photos and said, “Stop! Selfie time. This 360 degree selfie was taken using a hand lens photographer with the tip of my hand.”

Highlights in the picture include a rock formation behind the rover called the Greenhou Pediment, while on the right is Mount Rafael Navarro, named after a Curiosity team scientist who died earlier this year.

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Picture of Mars I took

The rover is currently heading towards the “Maria Garden Notch”, which is a U-shaped opening.

Last month, the rover celebrated its 10th anniversary on Mars by sending an impressive “photo postcard” from the Red Planet.

Robotic Explorer took two black and white images of the Martian landscape, which were then merged and colored.

Curiosity landed on the Red Planet exactly 10 years ago on November 26, 2011, and the images were taken from its most recent location on the Sharp Mount side of Mars.

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Before sending the panorama to Earth, it captured a 360-degree view of the ocean with its black and white navigation cameras at the end of each voyage.

Source: Daily Mail