January 30, 2023

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المخرج داوود عبد السيد

Dawood Abdel-Saeed .. Nile Prize for “Retired Senior Director”

Director Dawood Abdel Saeed won the Nile Prize for Art at the annual Creators’ Festival in Egypt on Tuesday afternoon.

David’s distinctive cinematic language, the ability to present issues with thorns, was a joy among the stars of the art community as no one denied it.

Dawood Abdel-Saeed was born on November 23, 1946, into a cultural family, interested in all streams of creativity, and in his youth loved art, so he joined the Higher Institute of Cinema as a director.


Dawood Abdel Saeed, knocking on many doors in anticipation of the opportunity to cross the audience and achieve his vision in the world of play, the path to fame was neither smooth nor decorated with roses.

In 1967, Dawood Abdel graduated from the Saeed Film Institute, and after the ordeal, he served as assistant director on the board of directors at the time, where he worked with and further international Yusuf Sahin on the film “The Land”. With director Kamal Al Sheikh in “The Man Who Lost His Shadow” and with director Mamdu Shokri in “Ohama El Hop”.

Abdel Saeed, like his generation, was not interested in film and decided to devote himself to presenting documentaries that combined content and visual pleasure.

Among the most important documentaries presented by Dawood Abdel Saeed was “People, Prophets and Artists and the Advice of a Sage in Rural Affairs and Education”.


In 1958, Dawood Abdel-Saeed decided to produce full-length films, which resulted in a group of films combining depth and commercial purpose, including “The Trumps” starring Noor Sharif and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.

After that, his long films rolled around, during which time he collaborated with some of the most important and prominent stars of acting in Egypt, namely Ahmed Jackie in the film “In the Land of Fear”. He collaborated with the woman of the Arab screen. Fayden Hamama presented a fantastic film in the movie “The Land of Dreams” and collaborated in the movie “Kid Cat” and the magician shone through it and earned amazing revenue at the time of its theatrical release.


Dawood Abdel Saeed caused a great stir when he announced his final retirement from the movement on January 2, 2022.

He said in a TV interview: “I can not cope with the current audience and the films they like, because they are looking for entertainment, and the problem with entertainment films is that they are highly funded and I like it. In my view, today’s viewers do not care about that. . ” Discussing problems, but looking for entertainment. “

Tragedy fell on artists in Egypt because Dawood’s statements wanted to be permanently absent from the sluggish arrival.

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