January 29, 2023

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Death of Egyptian writer Majid Tobias

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Egyptian writer and novelist Majid Tobia passed away today, Thursday, April 7, 2022, early in the morning.

Majid Dubia, a novelist and screenwriter and general syndicate of the Egyptian Writers’ Association, died at the age of 84. During his long journey he enriched the Arab library and cinema screen with unforgettable works.

Tobias fell ill and as a result he was admitted to the hospital last March, but later returned to his home.

Majid Dubia was born on March 25, 1938, in Minya Governorate, Egypt. Film company in Cairo in 1972.

Majid Toobia received the First Class Medal for Science and the Arts in 1979, and the same year received the State Promotion Award for Literature from the Supreme Council for the Arts, Letters and Social Sciences. Except for the 2014 State Award for Literature.

He published his first collection of short stories (Vostok Reaches the Moon) in 1967, and subsequently published several collections, including (Five Unread Newspapers) and (The Days After).

Among his most important novels (The Sunset Virgin), (Circles of Impossible), (The Earthly Accidental Room), (Update on the Ahmos Case), (Reem’s Beautiful Story), (They) and (The Exile of Bonnie Hatwood).

Many of his books have been adapted into plays, including Mohammed Roddy’s Sons of Silence, considered one of the most important films to hit the cinematic scene between the wars in Egypt in 1967 and 1973. (Harem’s cage).