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Destinations at “Palm Jumeirah” shine with “Michelin Dubai 2023” stars


Omar Khoury, CEO of Asset Management at Nakheel, expressed his delight that the hospitality and dining venues at Palm Jumeirah are committed to improving the food scene in Dubai and that several restaurants at Palm Jumeirah have been recognized by the Dubai Michelin Guide. General.

“Nakheel” announced that it will add 15 restaurants in “Palm Jumeirah” to the prestigious “Michelin Guide Dubai” list in its 2023 edition, having also acquired two “Michelin” “Triscend Studio” and “Stay by Yannick Allino”. “Stars, while” Tresind Studio has revolutionized Indian food policy through its innovations and presentations in the culinary arts, raising its rating from one star to two stars in the “Michelin” guide. First Indian restaurant in UAE and second restaurant in the world to win two stars “Michelin”.

As for “Stay by Yannick Alleno”, considered a symbol of French culinary art, it won the praise of its patrons, as it earned the restaurant two Michelin stars this year. The philosophy is based on the principle “it is better not to overdo it”.

Four other restaurants in Palm Jumeirah managed to get a Michelin star: “Dinner by Heston Blumenthal”, “Hagasan”, “Oceano” and “Torno Subito”, for their efforts to maintain the quality of the ingredients they use. Apart from the harmony of flavors you create, the chef’s role in the kitchen, cooking techniques and consistency in the dining experience.

“Ibn Al-Bahr” won the “Bib Gourmand” award, which highlights the quality of food at reasonable prices. Eight restaurants won the selected Michelin award, namely: “Ariana”, “Galeo”, “Lamar”, “Estadio Milos”, “Roya”, “Akira Bag” and “Little Miss India”, except “Nobu” Dubai. .

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Omar Khoory said: “We are committed to creating a dining scene that celebrates a strong food culture and innovative menus, and an embrace of diversity and a unique personality that will promote Palm Jumeirah as a premier destination for the culinary arts at the city level. .”

And, “We will continue to bring in renowned and talented chefs and attract high-quality restaurants that highlight the global food scene and enhance the sense of community.”

• 15 restaurants in «Palm Jumeirah» in the guide list in this year’s edition.

A delicious place

The Palm Jumeirah offers innovative experiences to foodies from around the world, ensuring that its restaurants continue to enjoy distinction from the Michelin Guide Dubai, highlighting the destination’s commitment to becoming a center of culinary excellence.

• Omar Ghauri:

“We will continue to bring in renowned and talented chefs and attract high-quality restaurants that highlight the global food scene.”

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