February 7, 2023

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Disabling Chelsea FC accounts and credit cards

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Chelsea’s accounts and credit cards have been suspended following the imposition of sanctions by the British government on its Russian owner Roman Abramovich, according to press reports on Friday.

All assets of the Russian billionaire were frozen on Thursday, with the exception of the club, which was allowed to pursue “football-related activities”.

But European champions cannot operate as a company and are barred from selling competitive tickets or items.

Several media outlets, including The Times, reported that banks had frozen Chelsea’s accounts and credit cards.

Abramovich was one of seven Russian oligarchy sanctioned by the British government for their military operation in Ukraine and for being close to President Vladimir Putin.

Abramovich won 19 titles during his reign, announcing he would sell the club he had bought in 2003.

Chelsea said in a statement on Thursday that “Chelsea FC is subject to 100% ownership of Chelsea FC and its affiliates, subject to the same sanctions as Abramovich’s.

“We intend to engage in discussions with the UK Government on the purpose of the license.”

“This includes seeking permission to amend the license to allow the club to operate normally. We will also seek guidance from the UK Government on the impact of these actions on the Chelsea Foundation and its key role in our communities.”

Abramovich announced last week that he had made a “very difficult” decision to sell Chelsea, promising that the proceeds would go to war victims in Ukraine.

The license allows the club to continue to pay staff and players’ salaries and the costs of hosting matches at its stadium “Stamford Bridge”, but the travel cost for tournaments abroad is set at பவு 20,000 per match. Trouble in his matches outside his home in the Champions League, the first of which was when he was a guest, in the second leg of the French night final on Wednesday (he won the first leg 2-0).

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