February 7, 2023

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اكتشاف الأصول الغامضة لأشد ومضات الضوء سطوعا في الكون

Discover the bright glowing mysterious appearance of the universe

Most of the light in our universe comes from stars like the Sun in other galaxies, but scientists often handle short, bright flashes that exceed entire galaxies.

Since these bright glows are called “unstable”, it is believed that some bright glowing catastrophic events in the universe are caused by the death of massive stars or the collision of two neutron stars.

Scientists have long studied the mysterious appearance of this bright or “transiting” light to gain insight into the death, age and evolution of the universe.

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In October 2014, a long-term observation of the southern sky using NASA’s flagship X-ray telescope, the Lunar Telescope, detected a mysterious unstable event called the CDF-S XT1: a bright unstable lasting a few thousandths of a second.

The amount of energy emitted by CDF-S XT1 in X-rays is similar to the amount of energy given off by the Sun over a billion years.

Since the original discovery, astronomers have come up with several hypotheses to explain this passing order, however, none of them are conclusive.

In a recent study, a team of astronomers led by Dr. Nikhil Sarin, OzGrav Postdoctoral Fellow of Monash University, made observations of CDF-S XT1 to detect radiation predictions expected from high-speed jet streams approaching the speed of light. Such “emissions” can only occur under extreme astronomical conditions, such as the tearing of a star by a miraculous black hole, the collapse of a large star, or the collision of two neutron stars.

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In an unprecedented event, a white dwarf star was spotted

The study found that the CDF-S XD1 emitting flux may have been caused by the fusion of two neutron stars.

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This intelligence is similar to the important 2017 invention of the CDF-S XT1, the GW170817.

This great distance means that this fusion occurred very early in the history of the universe, and may be one of the most distant neutron star connections ever seen.

Neutron star collisions are important sites in the universe where heavy elements such as gold, silver and plutonium are formed.

Since CDF-S XT1 occurred at the beginning of the history of the universe, this discovery improves our understanding of the abundance of chemical elements on Earth.

Source: phys.org