February 7, 2023

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Does chopping onions in the room prevent the spread of fever?

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Onions have many benefits and advantages, but can it prevent the spread of fever in the air ?!

And to prevent the influenza pandemic, social networking sites are cleared of posts instructing people to keep chopped onions in their home rooms, and these tips return to the surface from time to time.

However, this is not based on any scientific background, especially since it does not differentiate between bacteria and viruses.

Influenza is a viral infection caused by a virus, not a bacterial infection.

It can also be spread through viral droplets in the air between people who are in close contact with each other, and it can also be spread through hands contaminated with the virus, AFP reports.

Moreover, there have been a number of misinformation spread recently about onions, which has prompted many websites to publish denials based on expert opinions.

Politifact cites an article published in 2017 by Joe Schwarz, director of the Department of Science and Social Affairs at McGill University, in which he denies that onions are a magnet for germs based on clear scientific evidence.

“Onions are not a preservative for germs, but the opposite,” Swarz said. “Onions generally contain sulfur compounds that fight germs, which means they do not absorb them.”

He added in his article, “Cutting onions releases enzymes behind a chemical reaction that produces propanesulfonic acid, which breaks down to produce sulfuric acid. It causes tears when onions are cut. It inhibits the growth of bacteria.”

When onions are cut, their surface dries directly, reducing the amount of moisture needed for bacterial growth. Furthermore, a source for bacterial growth is needed. Onions can be contaminated, for example, by dirty surfaces or hands, but not by bacteria. In the air. “

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There is no doubt that some foods, if not treated properly, create a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria, but they do not create a “magnet that attracts bacteria”.

Nutritionist Chandel Hannah told AFP, “Vegetables and fruits are relatively safe and should not be soaked in dirty water or washed thoroughly before consuming them unless they are exposed to contaminants from their source.

Also, “Foods that can create a favorable environment for the growth of germs contain a high percentage of protein, such as meat and cheese and eggs …”, and this is not the case with onions. .

The American Association of Onion Growers, Traders and Distributors has denied rumors on its website that it protects onions from influenza. Rejects all myths about onions through its official website.