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ArabiaWeather – When we imagine space, we usually associate it with fantastical spaceships and science fiction images depicting distant and wonderful worlds. Since so much of this fictional space travel revolves around sights and sounds, the idea arises: Is there a smell in space? Can we detect the smell of an infinite universe?

Does space have a smell?

In the distant space world, vast voids spread out and infinite dark worlds pervade the secret of mysterious smells. Unfortunately, we cannot inhale those smells directly, because our noses do not work in space, and we can try to smell them. Sounds deadly, but have you ever wondered? About what? If space smells? So what is this scent? Is it unpleasant or pleasant?

Answer: According to well-known scientific sites like Popular science and scientific focusExperts believe that space carries a variety of scents, including perfume Hot metals, diesel fumes and even the smell of barbecue Here is the question:

What causes all these space smells?

Answer: Most of these odors are believed to originate from dying stars that decay in space, and these odors are known as chemical compounds. “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons”These compounds are spread throughout the universe, floating in endless space. What’s even more exciting is that they can appear in asteroids, meteorites, and space dust, adding different elements on their journey through space.

How did we discover that space smells?

Answer: While astronauts By walking in space And because they conduct their activities outside their spacecraft, they are exposed to these odors. After a spacewalk, these vehicles stick to their spacesuits, and after they return to the International Space Station, some of them smell metallic or smell like burnt steak.

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In addition, astronauts reported smelling a metallic odor similar to welding fumes on the surface of their spacesuits. They reported that they sometimes smelled the smell of roasting meat after the spacewalk, which they did not expect.

Also, I noticed the shuttle “Rosetta” Ingredients include fragrances The smell of rotten eggs, bitter almonds and cat urineIt was discovered on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

It can be said that space has a special smell, but it is not perceived by humans, it is a unique and strange smell, coming from the depths of the infinite universe and hidden from us, which makes the world of space even more mysterious. Exciting.

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