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Download and install the original version of Windows 10 in 2023

Windows 10 Pro is real It is a computer operating system developed by Microsoft that is widely used in personal computers, tablets and other devices. It was first released in 2015 as the successor to Windows 8.1 and comes with many new features and improvements.

Advantages of downloading Windows 10 with direct link

Download and install the original version of Windows 10 in 2023

One of the most important features Windows 10 original version is free:

Windows 10 Start Menu: Repeat Windows 10 Pro Windows 8 introduces a stripped-down Start Menu. The Start menu provides easy access to frequently used applications, settings, and files.

Cortana Windows 10: Cortana It’s a virtual assistant that helps you find information, set reminders, and perform other tasks using voice commands.

Action Center: Action Center provides a central location for managing notifications and quick settings.

Edge browser: This includes Windows 10 Microsoft Edge A fast, modern web browser that offers advanced features like a built-in PDF reader and Cortana integration.

Virtual desktops: Then Download Windows 10 for free from Microsoft It allows you to create and switch between multiple virtual desktops, each with its own applications and open windows.

Touch screen supportWindows 10 is optimized for devices that support touchpad functionality on Windows 10 laptops.

Continuation: Continuity A feature that automatically adjusts the user interface based on the device’s form factor, making it easy to switch between tablet and desktop modes.

Windows Hello: Windows Hello It is a biometric authentication system that allows users to log into their devices using facial recognition or fingerprint scanning.

OneDrive integration: This includes Windows 10 It is deeply integrated with Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive, allowing users to access their files from anywhere.

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Xbox integration: This includes Windows 10 Xbox integration allows users to play Xbox games on their PC and interact with other Xbox players.

Download and install the original version of Windows 10 for free