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Dubai consolidates its position as a center of excellence in various fields



Dubai consolidates its position as a center of excellence in various fields

Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Media Council, reaffirmed Dubai’s position as a center of excellence in various fields. Dubai has been focused on quality projects globally over the years, thanks to the insightful vision of its brilliant leadership, implemented by Emirate. Within the public and private sectors, more efforts should be made to achieve the highest standards in various sectors.

It came at the 28th session of the Department of Economics and Tourism in Dubai, chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al, to announce the winners of the Best Awards for Business. Makhdoom, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai and the Dubai Quality Award and the Dubai Service Program, were among the many who attended the virtual ceremony organized by the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism. More than 1,500 representatives from various business sectors, industries and government sector, representatives of successful companies.

Best Awards

The winners of the Business Special Awards held at the Maiden Hotel in Dubai called on all companies to make greater efforts to achieve the goal of making Dubai a global business hub. The Excellence Awards were presented to 39 winners from a variety of sectors, including 21 winners of the Dubai Service Excellence Program, which includes members of the program in the fields of retail, services, healthcare, hospitality and entertainment and e-commerce. Dubai Quality Awards “Business Councils and Committees”, Dubai Awards for Quality, Dubai Smart Industry Award, Dubai International Quality Award, Dubai Gold Quality Award and Dubai Quality Award 18 winners Dubai Quality Award.

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Quality culture

Helal Saeed Al Marri, Director General of the Department of Economics and Tourism in Dubai, said, “Through the Business Excellence Awards, we aim to promote quality and creative culture as a catalyst for further growth and development in the sector. Dubai should be one of the best cities in the world for life, work and attendance, and should be one of the global cities. Among the promising opportunities for a diversified national economy. “

Al-Marri added: The Emirate of Dubai has seen a number of steps aimed at accelerating the economy and tourism activities and the return to normalcy, and has been successful in restarting operations and re-welcoming the world. Holding the (Expo 2020 Dubai) Exhibition ensures civilized balance throughout the ages, the location of many international companies and a magnet for investments, entrepreneurs and talent around the world.

List of winners

Hisceans Middle East won the Dubai International Quality Award for Customer Service, while Zuleka Hospital (Healthcare) and Transcard Cash – Services won the Dubai Gold Award for Quality. The list of Dubai Smart Industry Award winners, who are affiliated with the Dubai Corporation, one of the companies in the field of economics and tourism in Dubai, are included in the Coalition for Industrial and Export Promotion. Specializes in Dubai, and promotes digital transformation, including the Lipton Jebel Ali factory, the Unilever-manufacturing and the Al Ansari Exchange (finance).

“Ritz-Carlton Dubai” Tourism Department, “Lulu Hypermarket” – Al Barsha Branch, Retail Department and “Anchor Al Aid” Factory – won the Dubai Quality Award. The list of winners of the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award includes: Al Ansari Exchange, LM Exchange (Finance Department), VFS-GCC, AG Facilities Solutions and Advanced “Line Scan” service for pipeline and tank services – “Sharjah Hospital (Health Department),” AGPCS “for manufacturing switches and Arab Extrusion Factory (Manufacturing Department).

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The list of winners of the Dubai Quality Awards (Business Councils and Committees) includes: “Smart Life” and “CIOC Network” for their efforts in communicating with their members and providing value-added services.

Excellent service

During the Virtual Festival, the winners of the “Dubai Service Excellence Program” were honored in two main categories: Best Business Branch and Best Brand. The list of winners for the Best Brand Award includes Dubai Mall (shopping malls), Joy Alukkas Jewelery (fashion stores), Sharjah Islamic Bank, Afaq Islamic Finance (services sector), Life Pharmacy (Health & Fitness) and Reel Cinemas. (Hospitality and entertainment). ), Retail markets, supermarkets (consumer associations and public retail), “interior”, Al Arabiya Automotive (specialty retail stores), Dubai financial market, “th6th street” – smart services and “Madlon” from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

The category for best business branch includes: “The Face Shop” – City Center Mirtiff, “Alto” – Mall of the Emirates (fashion stores), Al Rostamani International Exchange – Abu Dhabi Tourist Club Branch, Al Masraf – Sheikh Saeed Road , And a pharmacy, Aster 122 – Health & Fitness, Tim Hortons – Jumeirah Center (Hospitality & Entertainment), Lulu Hypermarket – Arabian Center Mall (Consumer Associations and General Retail), and Eros Digital Home – The Dubai Mall (stores) ) Specialized retail).

Increase the number of applicants

The last cycle of awards saw a 10% increase in the number of applicants, while the net increase over the last 28 years was more than 300%, indicating the degree of integration of quality and excellence. Companies and service companies across the country. Over 650 winners from 22,000 applicants over the past 27 years have been honored with Business Excellence Awards, and more than 500 Mystery Shopkeepers, 3,000 appraisers and 5,000 applicants have been trained and prepared appraisal reports identifying areas to improve applicants. In award categories.

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பட்டியலில் The list of honorees includes 39 winners from various business sectors, industries and government sector.

This honor aims to enhance quality and excellence in the technology and innovation sectors and to promote the principles of customer satisfaction in various parts of the Emirates.

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The president-elect of COP28 must accelerate ambitious climate action and emissions reductions



The president-elect of COP28 must accelerate ambitious climate action and emissions reductions

In his opening speech at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC 2023), Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and President-designate of the Conference of the Parties (COP28), Dr. Confirmed by Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Jaber. In line with the vision of the leadership in the United Arab Emirates, (COP28 Presidency) faces challenges head-on and mentally positively, collaborates with partners who follow the same visions, ideas and trends, ensures the participation and inclusion of all, and achieves economic growth that supports climate action in order to build a sustainable future for current and future generations.

In his speech, Al-Jaber called on the oil and gas industry to coordinate efforts to reduce emissions and take ambitious climate action within the framework of a Fair, Orderly, Responsible and Action Plan (COP28 Presidency). A logical shift in the energy sector, and to protect the possibility of avoiding a rise in temperature, is the Earth’s 1.5°C.

Al-Jaber renewed his call for ambitious measures to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, eliminate methane emissions, and end gas flaring activities by the end of the current decade. He appreciated the response of more than 20 oil and gas companies. Accept this call, whether international or national, and take practical steps to reduce emissions resulting from energy production processes.

He said: “It has taken time, effort and months of negotiations, hard work and collaboration, but we look forward to more companies joining us and starting to take the necessary steps to accelerate and expand our commitment to reducing emissions. I invite everyone to join us in this commitment during the COP28 conference, And I call on everyone to raise the bar of ambition and take the necessary practical steps to achieve effective and tangible results.

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Al Jaber stressed that “the oil and gas industry must lead the process of finding the necessary solutions”, calling on the companies involved to demonstrate to the world that they are an essential part of the solution. Those who doubt the sector’s ability to contribute to solutions mean providing more capital and technical solutions to achieve the desired results.

Al-Jaber reiterated the need for the world to cut emissions by 43% over the next seven years to maintain a chance of avoiding global warming above 1.5°C. and can be simultaneously achieved by meeting the energy needs of the planet’s growing population while ensuring the well-being and prosperity of humanity.

He identified three priorities for needed action: reducing emissions resulting from energy production, increasing the productivity of renewable energy sources and reducing emissions from sectors that are difficult to mitigate emissions such as steel, cement, aluminum, heavy transport. , and others.

He expressed his confidence in the ability of the oil and gas industry to increase the production capacity of renewable energy sources, which represents an opportunity to diversify its business models and ensure it remains on pace for the future.

He explained that the “intermittent” nature of renewable energy supplies meant that emissions-intensive industries were unable to offset the primary load of electricity. is difficult to mitigate.

In his speech, Al Jaber emphasized the need to tackle pressing issues including expediting licenses for clean energy projects, overcoming barriers to the commercial use of hydrogen and expanding the scope for the use of carbon capture technologies.

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“Reya” provides 11,681 healthcare services to senior citizens and mentally challenged people in Dubai.



“Reya” provides 11,681 healthcare services to senior citizens and mentally challenged people in Dubai.

Launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Development and Citizen Affairs, the “Care” initiative awarded 11,681. Last May, senior citizens and able-bodied people in Dubai will have integrated healthcare services in their homes within four months.

The “Care” initiative translates the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to provide better integrated healthcare services to senior citizens and vulnerable populations. In His Highness’ interest to consolidate the best international practices, the standard of living in the Emirate.

During the period from May 3 to August 31, 10,665 services have been provided to senior citizens from services included in the effort to provide quality medical services through a network of hospitals and home clinic services to follow up on the condition of senior citizens. and committed and concerned with the latest international standards used in treatment.

The initiative provided 1,016 services to committed people in accordance with the best international standards, achieving reassurance and social stability, guaranteeing them a better quality of life and enabling them to access medical care in a family setting.

The initiative, which comes under the mandate of the Supreme Council for Development and Citizen Affairs, aims to create an integrated healthcare system that improves the quality of life of senior citizens and vulnerable populations. It ensures that they get comprehensive and advanced medical services tailored to their health needs and meet their various needs with ease and convenience.

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Dr. Amar Sharif, Executive Director of Dubai Academic Health Foundation said: The CARE Initiative works to provide an integrated healthcare system that provides quality services through a network of diverse healthcare facilities to serve senior citizens and vulnerable populations. And in a way that contributes to cementing Dubai’s position as a role model in providing the best care.” and treatment.”

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Emirates News Agency – “Meteorology”: Tomorrow will be partly cloudy and humid at night



Emirates News Agency – “Meteorology”: Tomorrow will be partly cloudy and humid at night

ABU DHABI, 1st October / WAM / The National Meteorological Department expects the weather tomorrow to be partly cloudy at times, with some coastal and inland winds along with humidity overnight and Tuesday morning, with light to moderate winds. , will be active at times during the day, and will turn north-west to south-east at 10 – 25 to 35 km/h.
The Center said in its daily bulletin that there will be light to moderate waves in the Arabian Gulf, with the first wave at 14:50, the second at 03:30, the first low tide at 08:26 and the second wave at 08:26. At 21:11.

He pointed out that there will be light waves in the sea of ​​Oman, the first wave will occur at 10:59, the second at 00:00, the first low tide at 17:39 and the second at 06:02.

Following is the report of maximum and minimum temperature and humidity levels expected tomorrow:

City Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Maximum Humidity Minimum Humidity

Abu Dhabi 37 27 80 40
Dubai 36 29 85 40
Sharjah 37 26 85 40
Ajman 38 29 85 45
Um Al Quwain 36 25 85 40
Ras Al Khaimah 37 24 85 30
Fujairah 36 29 70 35
Al Ain 37 26 80 25
Liwa 39 25 85 20
Ruwais 37 25 80 40
Materials 40 26 80 20
Dalma 36 30 80 40
Greater Tunb 32 30 75 45

Little Tunp 32 30 75 45
Abu Musa 32 31 75 45

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Muhammad Nabil Abu Taha / Ahmad al-Boutli

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