October 2, 2022

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"Dubai ... Dubai ... Dubai" ... "A message of love to all Arabs who forgot Palestine" is a satirical Israeli song.

“Dubai … Dubai … Dubai” … “A message of love to all Arabs who forgot Palestine” is a satirical Israeli song.


The song by an Israeli artist has received widespread attention from the forerunners of the Arab communication sites because it is a unique work of art that the Arab ear cannot usually hear it. The song, entitled “Arabs are a Navigator”, was performed in Arabic by dedicated artist Noam Schuster Eliasson, and his words were sent messages not only to the United Arab Emirates but also to all contributors. Default processes, including her country Israel. He was one of the few voices who did not hesitate to point the finger at the wound of his country’s policy against the Palestinians.

“Dubai Dubai Dubai”, the beginning of the lyrics of a song written and sung by an Israeli singer, is widely known in Arab and Western circles across borders. At first glance it may seem that it glorifies the Emirates, but in reality it sends messages with a lot of humor. Normalization.

In September 2020, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed two historic agreements at the White House in the US capital, Washington, in the presence of then US President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and an Emirati foreigner. Ministers Abdullah bin Saeed and Abdul Latif al-Sayani of Bahrain, before joining the ranks of the printing press in Morocco and Sudan.

The song, which premiered on the Israeli public Arabic-speaking channel “Khan” on the 14th of this month, continues to pique everyone’s interest in listening to and knowing its content, featuring Israeli artist Noam Schuster. Eliasson invested his talents in humor, word writing, and performance, and was able to bring the subject of naturalization back to the forefront.

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But is this artist with or against normalcy, and who is really being targeted by his song? There are those who are confused about it and unable to determine the purpose of its message. There are those who understand that Noam Shuster Eliasson has a case to defend Palestinian rights … and did not sing for the sake of singing.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel”

“I’m so excited … Hello … I’m in Haifa and Wannabe … I’m going to sing a new song I wrote in Arabic for peace in Dubai … It’s very important to me. Send a message of love and peace to all Arabs, especially those who live far away. .4000 km from here.

In this teasing way, Eliassi showed himself to the audience before his song was shown on the Con channel, and there are many political messages in the tone in which he spoke, of which he chose to call himself Haifa Wanabi. Taste of the amateur group listening to the well-known Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe. He then concluded his presentation with a wide smile with a humorous hand drawn romantic gesture.

After that, the Israeli singer begins to sing her song: “There is a lamp at the end of the tunnel … If there were all the Arabs, it would be Dubai Dubai. Love the people of Israel alive. They will not throw water. To us … Dubai Dubai Dubai.” He later continued in a clip: “There is nothing sweeter than the Arabs, millions with them, they have forgotten a people who have dedicated themselves, they have forgotten Palestine …”.

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Then she sings in another clip, “Forget the siege of Gaza …” and the song ends with a soft rhythm and performance with the political connotations of this caricature: “I will lock up. Take selfie.Dubai Dubai.

Thank you to every Israeli who supports Palestinian rights.

Through this song many pioneers of Arab networking sites saluted him for his stand on the Palestinian issue. On Twitter, Yemeni journalist and politician Ali al-Baqidi tweeted: “An Israeli artist mocks peace with the United Arab Emirates. This artist is known for his humanitarian stance in support of the rights of the Palestinian people. Agreed to give up.Thanks to all of an Israeli who supports the rights of the Palestinians.

Eliasson shared a tweet on his account, perhaps deliberately, to dispel the suspicions of some Arab supporters who had expressed some sort of misunderstanding of his song. I quoted her Radio France International She said she understood their point of view. The Israeli artist said, “I know some people in the Arab world are very skeptical. They say to themselves: How can a Jew cross this path? Maybe everything was planned, maybe you are a Mossad agent? So … I tell them: I’m making a difference. I’m happy. ” I am glad to be an Arabic-speaking Jew and have not used his talent to serve in the Israeli army, but use it creatively and to show that alternatives are possible here. , In the region. “

“We have chosen to be good to the Arabs in the Gulf, 4,000 kilometers from Israel. We have chosen economic relations with them, but at the same time we want to ignore the Palestinian issue. It’s completely wrong, so we can shed light on all these topics. Simple painting is a dream come true. “

Eliasson had previously tweeted against his country’s policy against the Palestinians. I once tweeted on Twitter about the problem of the Sheikh Zarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem: “I am an Israeli Jew, my heart is with Sheikh Zarrah and the people of Gaza. The only solution is the end of the brutal occupation.”

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