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Dubai has opened the world’s deepest swimming pool



Dubai, the city of all records? After the tallest skyscraper and largest shopping center, the city of the United Arab Emirates now offers another achievement: the world’s deepest swimming pool! A basin with a depth of 60 meters. According to the details CNN, Friday, July 9, This pool is part of a new attraction in the city, Deep Dive Dubai. It removes the deepspot bed installed in Poland, the depth of which exceeds 45 meters.

To fill this new record-setting pool, you need at least 14 million liters of water. This equates to six Olympic swimming pools, underlining the American chain. Never seen this before. The record is now recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for awarding the title of “Deep Pool” on June 27. The water temperature is constant at 30 degrees (Celsius) and the basin is located within a building of about 1,500 square meters, which is oyster shaped. Note on the history of the United Arab Emirates, a country known to many pearl fishermen in the past.

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But Deep Dive Dubai is not just an attraction. If the pool is deep, it offers a unique experience in particular: discovering a real city under water. Divers can swim through submerged and abandoned city apartments like underwater ruins. The system of sounds and light plays allows swimmers to create changes in the atmosphere. Gravity offers courses for beginners and certified divers. To ensure the safety of the audience, no less than 56 cameras are installed. However, CNN reports that it will have to wait a few more months to take full advantage of this attraction. It is currently only open by call.

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Dive into the Ultimate Relaxation at Rus Elite Spa



Located in the heart of Dubai, Rus Elite Spa stands as a beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation. This premier European spa in Al Barsha,, Dubai, offers an unparalleled experience that combines the best of European and Russian spa traditions.

Expert Therapists from Across Europe

The spa boasts a professional team of therapists from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland,Turkey , Uzbekistan, Croatia, Slovenia, and Lithuania. Each therapist brings their unique touch, ensuring that every guest receives a personalized spa experience.

Unique and signature Massages and Services

Strawberry Massage: Dive into a fruity relaxation with durations ranging from 60 to 120 minutes.

Thermal Fire/Spirit Healing Massage: A 90-minute transformative experience.

Chocolate/Cream Massage: Indulge in a sweet escape for 60 to 90 minutes.

Honey Massage: A sticky-sweet relaxation lasting from 60 to 90 minutes.

Lomi-Lomi Massage: Experience Hawaiian healing for 60 to 120 minutes.

And many more, including Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and the luxurious 4 and 6 Hands Massage. For those seeking a complete body treatment, the spa offers combinations of massages with Moroccan baths.

COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES FOR OUR GUESTS : steam rooms and saunas are included.


Special Deals and Packages

Our Dubai SPA center continually offers special deals like the VIP Treatment, which includes a 30-minute full-body scrub followed by any 60-minute massage. The Royal Body Treatment combines a 60-minute massage with a 60-minute Moroccan bath. There are also options for massage combined with waxing and complimentary access to the steam room and sauna with any massage.

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A Glimpse into Rus Elite Spa

Nestled on the R Level of the prestigious 5-star Elite Byblos Hotel, Rus Elite Spa is more than just a spa; it’s a complete wellness retreat. With state-of-the-art facilities, it offers amenities like a sauna, steam room, and a rooftop swimming pool. The tranquil atmosphere and exceptional service make it a must-visit destination in Dubai.

What Guests Are Saying

The testimonials speak volumes about the quality of service at  Guests like Khalid Salame and Abdirahman have praised the spa for its friendly staff, ambient rooms, and high-quality massages. Others, like Chathura Jayasinha and Ali Soliman, recommend the spa for its professionalism and the relaxation they found during their visits.

Connect with Rus Elite Spa

For those eager to explore more, check out the full menu of services or find them at the Elite Byblos Hotel, behind the Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha 1, Dubai. Have free valet parking.

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Experiences dedicated to spreading environmental awareness among students



Experiences dedicated to spreading environmental awareness among students

The Green Education Center – Legacy from the Land of Zayed, run by the Ministry of Education as part of the COP 28 conference, has received 384 male and female students from 12 schools across the country. Students interacted with the educational and recreational activities provided by the center, designed to increase their environmental awareness through experiences that combine fun and knowledge.

Interactive platforms dedicated to focusing on environmental diversity in the UAE received significant response from students, in addition to a “Sustainability Craft” game inspired by the natural and biological diversity of the UAE and a room designed to provide educational content on climate issues. In cooperation with “SEE” company.

The list of schools that visited the center include: “Virgin International School”, “Atbal Al Khair” School, “Arbor” School, “Dwight” School, Halimah Al Sadiya School, Al Tabianiya School, Al Fath School, Abdul Rahman Al Nasser School, Excellence School, and Raffles International School. », School of Principles, and Saeed Education Complex Al Warqa.

By the end of the sixth day of the COP28 conference, the number of visitors to “Legacy from the Land of Said” reached about 4,000 visitors, and the center will continue its work until the end of the Conference of Parties on December 12. .

The center has attracted a large number of visitors since its inception, who flock to its various halls to learn about the concepts of sustainability put forth by participating companies under the center’s umbrella. The inauguration of the center was an epitome of partnership between the Ministry of Education and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Last April, the Ministry announced the “Green Education Partnership” program, focusing on four key axes: Green Education, Green Schools, Green Communities and Building green skills. The number of visitors and visitors to the center during the conference is expected to exceed 18,000 participants, confirming the level of global interest in the role of education in sustainability issues.

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President of the Arabian Horse Racing International Federation: The UAE is a pioneer in hosting races at more than 80 tracks around the world.



President of the Arabian Horse Racing International Federation: The UAE is a pioneer in hosting races at more than 80 tracks around the world.

His Highness General Faisal Al-Rahmani, President of the International Thoroughbred Arabian Horse Racing Federation and Chairman of the State Cup Series for Arabian Horses, confirmed the organization’s preparations to host the “remaining races” of the Cup. In support of achieving the goals of the 30th edition, progress is being made in full swing.

He pointed to the remarkable success of the past rounds of the current edition, thanks to the great demand for participation in the competitions in various countries of the world and the great appreciation the international and Arab competitions have received.

Al-Rahmani said the vision of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Head of State, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Office of the President, had a decisive impact on the organizational and public success of Jewel of the Crown. His Highness’s support of the recently held Sheikh Zayed Race at the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club track, bearing a name dear to all hearts, and worth 5 million dirhams, contributes to raising the standard of purebred Arabian horses. All over the world.

The World Forum for Arabian Horse Racehorses in Abu Dhabi has recently established its position of excellence in providing integrated programs and revising development solutions, with the best experts, researchers, owners and their contributions, said the President of the International Arabian Horse Racing Federation. Breeders in providing visions that support the advancement of Arabian horses around the world.

He added: “The International Federation of Thoroughbred Arabian Horses (IFHAR) greatly appreciates the great efforts of the UAE and the support of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan to host Arabian horse races at 80 tracks around the world. Countries that have revised races and increased their numbers by more than 300%.” There is also a group of countries that have raised racing prizes and this increases the value and strength of purebred Arabian horse events.

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His Excellency Al Rahmani praised the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club Board of Directors for preparing for the new season and providing all developmental needs, which contributed to the successful running of the past races. A work structure that confirms its strong presence in the new season.

Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting and Golf Club General Supervisor of Racing Al-Rahmani, Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee, praised Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting and Golf Club for continuing its outstanding role in organizing good events and providing an attractive environment. To provide an opportunity to male and female citizens to develop their skills, develop their skills and practice sports activities related to Arabian horses. According to best practices.

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