January 30, 2023

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Dubai Police and Issa Al Gurk Foundation distribute magnetic cards to families of prisoners

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The Dubai Police General Command, which is represented by the public administration of the Penal and Correctional Institutions, has issued magnetic cards from the Foundation in collaboration with the Isa Saleh Al Kurk Foundation to ensure their assistance to the families of deserving prisoners. Ramadan is the blessed month, and to reduce their burdens.

Maj. Gen. Ali Mohammed al-Shamali, director of the public sector for Dubai Police’s penal and reform agencies, stressed that there will be plenty of charity and donations during the blessed Ramadan days. Helping the needy and needy requires coordinated and organized action by all parties involved in the stimulus to integrate the values ​​of donation and donation in communities.

He pointed out the interest of the Dubai Police in initiating humanitarian initiatives and campaigns inside and outside the country, following the orders of rational leadership and the government that wants to do good, concluding cooperation agreements and redoubleting its efforts in humanitarian missions.

Northern Maj. Gen. Issa Saleh thanked the Al Gurk Foundation for its continued charitable efforts and for its efforts to reduce the burden on the families of male and female prisoners each year. Always activates.

In turn, the chairman of the board of directors of the Isa Saleh Al Kurk Foundation is Dr. King Al-Gurq said: “The Al-Kurq Foundation, for its noble purpose, is always eager to make donations to alleviate the suffering of prisoners. Explains that the partnership with the Dubai Police aims to provide assistance and support to prisoners and their families who are financially bankrupt in the Emirate of Dubai, in order to ensure the impact on their children and families. Guest financing, purchase of medical supplies, purchase of travel tickets, payment for bankruptcy, prisoner’s children’s clothing and necessities, school and university expenses, and more.

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