April 1, 2023

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Dubai Sports Council celebrates International Women’s Day

The Dubai Sports Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development and the community’s Duggar Community Club, celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday with a special forum for its female members and several senior citizens at its headquarters in the Dubai Design District. Development Authority.

Dubai Sports Council Secretary General Saeed Hareb and Assistant Secretary General Nasser Aman Al Rahma attended the meeting.

Sayyid Hareb appreciated the role of women in supporting the journey of men and fulfilling their professional and life roles.

He said: “We meet today in a gathering that is renewed every year and carries many meanings, human values ​​and noble sentiments for women and all their roles in life. Women are no longer half of society, but have become all. Community, they are a source of happiness and family warmth.

She added: “Our brilliant leadership has always advocated and worked to empower women in all Emirati institutions, and Emirati women now occupy key leadership positions in most walks of life, and we at the Dubai Sports Council are proud of our female workforce. The work of the Council is a They are with us who represent the best contribution, they achieve success, they are excellent at work and provide an example to working women, and provide an example of success, and their success is a promise. Women play a great role for work and for society as a whole, and we wish success to all members of the Council and to all women » .

During the forum, the most important achievements of women in sports and their successes in combining sports work with social work were reviewed. It was also announced that programs, workshops, activities and sporting events for senior citizens would be launched. Arrangements are being made in the coming period in coordination with private clubs, particularly the Dubai Ladies Club. It will reserve free entry for senior citizens on the International Day of Happiness on the 20th of every month throughout 2023. A special membership card for senior citizens so that they can benefit from the club’s facilities throughout the year. At the end of the forum, a walking parade was organized along the track of the Dubai Sports Council.

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The Dubai Sports Council organizes many sporting events for women throughout the year, including the Sheikha Hind Women’s Games and the Dubai Women’s Marathon, as well as many other events and initiatives dedicated to women and benefiting women of all ages and nationalities.

• The forum reviewed the most significant achievements of women in sports and their successes in combining sports and social work.