February 6, 2023

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Egypt .. A surprise in talking about the medical error in the death of Vail El-Ibrashi

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Dr., a member of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate. Ibrahim El-Sayyad was surprised when he confirmed that no one had filed an official complaint regarding the death of journalist Vel El-Ibrashi: “We are waiting for any complaint. Medical error in corona treatment. “

Al-Sayed said the medical team presented dozens of martyrs, including doctors and nurses, during the conflict with the corona in Egypt, and that they performed miracles in the face of the corona, making this clear compared to the larger nations.

He stressed the need to be careful in reporting on the causes of death of a prominent journalist, adding that the syndicate could not convict anyone except after the trial, and the idea of ​​pre-trial punishment was rejected, and the matter was not limited. Not only for the medical syndicate, but in every profession.

He pointed out that it was his duty to review what happened to the late journalist Vail El-Ibrashi during treatment and that the union was already doing so with in mind the problems that could arise due to the corona infection.

For his part, Dr. Sheriff Abbas, a physician treating occult media and a consultant on liver and infectious diseases at the Liver Institute, commented on the allegation of malpractice: “I am a physician for infectious diseases and I did. Do not treat him improperly.

During a phone call to MBC Egypt’s “Happening in Egypt” program, Abbas added: “I asked al-Ibrashi to go to the hospital for fear of his health deteriorating, but he refused,” continued: “A friend of mine contacted me to confirm the injury. . ” Corona. “

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He pointed out: “We started treatment, but two days later we heard the analysis. His health was deteriorating. I went to him. He served him. His wife was not at home.”

He explained: “I gave him a nurse to sit with him at home. I told him to go to the hospital, but he refused and brought oxygen tubes home,” he added: “There is no such thing as magic. Cure. At home.”