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اخبار مصر العاجلة - Egypt News : زيارات الرجاء المغربي لمصر..خسارة لقب تاريخي ونتائج متوازنة مع الأهلي

Egypt Breaking News – Egypt News: Moroccan king’s visits to Egypt … lost a historic title and balanced results with al-Ahly.

The Most Important and Latest News in Egypt – Egypt News: Egypt Today: Saturday, April 16, 2022
News Features: Egyptian News – Egyptian News: The Moroccan King’s Visits to Egypt … Lost a Historic Title and Balanced Results with Al-Ahly

Visits of the King of Morocco to Egypt

Al-Ahly and please

The King of Morocco team is waiting for the eighth arrival to Egypt during the matches against the Egyptian teams in the African Championship, playing in a match with its host Al-Ahly in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the African Champions League. , Which will take place on Saturday at the Al-Ahly Wei Al-Salam Grounds, the stronghold of the Al-Ahly Club.

The King of Morocco’s results in the last seven matches faced by the Egyptian teams in Cairo have been a draw, with one win in two encounters and a tie in it, and losing 3 matches from the Egyptian rivals, which were limited to 3 encounters. Al-Ahly, he won one, lost another, drew one match, and lost two encounters with Jamal, and in two encounters with the Pyramids, he won one match and drew another.

The King’s Visits to Cairo .. The Beginning of Al-Ahly

Raja was Al-Ahly’s guest in the second round of Group A matches at the 1999 African Champions League. Al-Ahly lost a clean goal against its Moroccan guest. Final and won the title at the expense of Tunisia’s Esperance.

The clash between Al-Ahly and Raja recurred in the final round of the 2002 Championship group stage, with both teams drawing three goals apiece. Ahmed Bilal scored two goals for Al-Ahly.

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A historic championship for Jamalek at the expense of the king

In the second leg of the 2002 African Champions League final, Morocco went to Egypt, where they faced Jamalek. Abdel Hameed.

A new confrontation with al-Ahli

In the group stage of the 2005 CAF Champions League, Al-Ahly won his first victory against the King in Cairo after a draw and defeat, with a goal scored by Mohamed Shawki.

Rise until the end of the century at the expense of the king

Before returning to the second leg of the semifinals of the 2020 African Champions League, King’s trip to Egypt was without an African championship for 15 years, losing by three goals to one from Jamalek. And Mustafa Mohammed scored two goals for Jamalek.

Two matches in a row with the pyramids

Raja visited Egypt twice at the CAF Confederations Cup last year, facing the Pyramids at both meetings, winning the group stage match 3-0, the other meeting was in the semi-finals and the draw in Cairo was negative. Then there was the negative in Morocco, and the king advanced with penalty kicks.

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