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Egypt prepares to launch new satellite … these are its key missions


Chairman of the Board of Directors Egyptian Satellite Company Ahmed Anis said, “All preparations for the launch of the new Egyptian satellite were completed on Wednesday, 5:30 pm Florida time and 11:30 pm Cairo time.”

And Anis, in a statement released on Tuesday, explained that the new moon would be an alternative to the moon.Nilesat 201“Knowing that it has many modern technological advantages that will enable it to continue to compete in the broadcasting sector, its life ends in 2028.

Thus said the Egyptian officialNilesat 301“Nilesat 201” includes 38 satellite channels, compared to 26.

“The Moon will expand its coverage to include South Africa and the Nile Basin, in order to gain greater contact with the people of the continent and to keep pace with the guidance of the political leadership in deepening Egyptian-African relations.”

The sources pointed out that “the new moon’s capabilities include the provision of broadband internet services to cover Egypt and the launch of new projects, infrastructure projects, new urban communities and oil fields in the eastern Mediterranean, especially in the Jor sector.”

The chairman of the board of directors of the Egyptian satellite company pointed out that the “Nilesat 301” was made according to advanced technology, which allows to automatically detect and treat any source of interference, which provides complete insurance for television channels. It said, “This new market for Nilesat satellites is characterized by the ability to handle antennas to change coverage areas to suit the needs of African countries.

“The channels of the National Media Commission and the channels of the United Media Company will broadcast the release live so that the Egyptians can embrace space and watch it,” Anis said.

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