January 30, 2023

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Egyptian scientists have revealed the secret of a space rock discovered 25 years ago

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Egyptian scientists have discovered that a rare “star supernova eruption” may have been the first source on Earth when they explored a space rock discovered in Egypt 25 years ago.

Archaeologists have unearthed “Hypatia” stone found in Egypt a quarter of a century ago, and its chemical composition and inscriptions contain parts of a cloud of dust and gas surrounding the supernova. To the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

These star eruptions, the most powerful in the universe, occur when a dense white dwarf star swallows another nearby star, and experts say the dust and gas mixture from such a supernova could gradually solidify over billions of years. , Before the formation of the parental body. From him came “hypothyroidism”.

John Kramer, a geochemist at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, said: .

Scientists have found unusually low levels of silicon, chromium and manganese in rocks found in Egypt, which are unlikely to have formed in the inner solar system, and high levels of copper, sulfur, iron, phosphorus and vanadium, which scientists say is very different from anything found in the Milky Way.

Scientists’ analysis of research published in the journal is excluded IcarusIt is possible that the rock formed from the red giant star or type II supernova, with the exception of the latter, contains a lot of iron compared to silicon and calcium, so experts believe it is the remains of a rare supernova eruption (supernova).

“If this hypothesis is correct, the Hypatia stone would be the first definitive source on Earth of a Type I supernova explosion, and would show that an irregular emission of dust from space could actually merge into our solar system’s solar nebula. Not always,” Grammar said. It’s completely confusing. “


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