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Elementary Students: Chemistry Examination at Intermediate Student Level..Photos


The first-year students of the high school completed the chemistry exam on paper and electronically, while the students of the Al-Hurriyah Official Language School in Al-Salam emphasized the simplicity of the chemistry exam and asked questions. Are at the level of the average student, and the exam site worked efficiently without any problems, confirmed by the high school students. Electronic multiple choice questions explain that most parts of the exam are simple and require attention to answer them.

For his part, Jamal Heshmat, director of the Education Peace Administration, advised the selection committees to follow the progress and regulations and use all precautionary and preventive measures within the committees to bridge the gap between students. Occurs during groups, overcoming obstacles in front of students and giving students peace of mind.

Ashraf al-Jet, director of the Al-Hurriyah Official Language School, said students in the first term of the selection committee took the paper-based chemistry exam with essay questions and then rested for 15 minutes before taking the exam. In a single course electronically on a tablet, 70% of the questions will be multiple choice.

Sameh Abdel Qadir, vice-president of the Al-Huria Official Language School, added that students took the electronic exam without any problems with the exam site.

Official sources in the ministry said that the electronic exam site was working smoothly today and some personal issues appeared in some groups, which were handled by technical development officers and many students were able to take the exam easily without major technical issues.

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that the examinations in the schools will be conducted by protected and supervised committees as per the attached schedule for the 2021/2022 school year. This is done electronically and the essay questions are compiled with the results of the exam, and this is done by creating a committee for organization and control in the school. , With the need to take all precautionary measures to protect the public health of students and teachers.

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The ministry has pointed out that examinations in affluent schools (official or private) are held in the morning and for disadvantaged schools their students are recruited in formal or privately affiliated schools and the examinations are held in the evening.

Ashraf al-Jet follows high school students’ performance in chemistry exam


Sam Abdel Qadir continues to make progress in the chemistry exam


First and second year students writing the Chemistry exam


Jamal Heshmat, Director of the Department of Peace Education

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