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Emirates completes giant A380 fleet with 123 deliveries


Tim Clark: It gave us the opportunity to redefine the travel experience and order the service more efficiently.

Dubai: “Gulf”

On Thursday, Emirates Airlines acquired its 123rd Airbus A380 Superjumbo. The new aircraft, registered as the “A6-EVS”, was the last to join the fleet of this model, marking another milestone in Emirates’ unwavering commitment to a 21-year plan.
Emirates Airlines has acquired a new aircraft in the midst of an unprecedented global epidemic, a new confirmation of the industry’s hope for recovery and strong demand for travel.
Emirates was the first airline to order the A380 at the 2000 Forbesboro Air Show. A few weeks later, from the events of September 11 that presented an unprecedented challenge to the global industry.
Emirates’ commitment was a key element in the launch of a joint venture with European aviation players and a global supply chain to build and market the world’s largest commercial aircraft with full double decks and spacious interior space.
Since the introduction of the A380, it has attracted the attention and desire of travelers thanks to its quiet, spacious and comfortable interior.

Important location

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airlines, said: “The A380 is unique in many ways. This has given us the opportunity to redefine the travel experience at Emirates, to serve efficiently on demand at low capacity airports and to fuel the growth of our network. The A380 will be our flagship product and the cornerstone of our network plans for years to come.
Sir Tim Clark added: “The aircraft we receive today is equipped with the latest cabin products, including premium economy class. Compared to the first A380 aircraft we received in 2008, we see numerous upgrades and upgrades we have invested in to ensure a unique and memorable experience for the Emirates A380.
We thank Airbus and all our project partners for introducing the industry’s first innovations in the Emirates A380, and most importantly, for making progress in delivering the best product to our customers.

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Good effect

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said: “The A380 has had a positive impact on the lives of many passengers, setting new standards in the flight and travel experience. On behalf of all Airbus teams, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Emirates, the world’s largest A380 operator, for its trust and long-term partnership with us.
The latest Emirates A380 aircraft includes the latest premium products including first-class private cabins, shower spa, air saloon and new premium economy class cabin, as well as on-flight entertainment systems, personalized screens and unparalleled entertainment content.
During the Dubai Airshow 2021 last November, Emirates announced a major modernization plan, which included fitting 52 A380 aircraft into the current premium economy class cabin and other upgrades.

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