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Emirates News Agency – Dubai shines with glorious Ramadan atmosphere on its glorious streets and venues


Dubai, April 25 / WAM / Dubai City shines with lights and dazzling Ramadan decorations on its most important areas during the holy month of Ramadan, the main streets and popular places such as “Burj Khalifa”, “Dubai Frame” and “Ain Dubai”. And various places and shopping Centers.

As part of the “Ramadan in Dubai” campaign, the Dubai Festivals and Retail Company provided exciting experiences with a variety of entertainment and cultural activities, as well as special promotions for Iftar, Zuhur and other dishes in a wonderful Ramadan atmosphere for all members of the community. Can enjoy.

Also “Dubai” welcomed the month of Ramadan in the best possible way, with models and lighting designs distributed to many parts of the city to celebrate this special time of the year.

Shopping malls and Dubai’s favorite destinations for visitors and visitors alike are adorned with attractive Ramadan decorations and magnificent lights such as “La Mer”, “City Walk”, “The Beach”, “Marfa Market”, “Chief Destination”, “Bluewater” and “Dubai”. Festival City Mall, Mercado Mall, Knuckle Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Festival Plaza City Center, Myrtif City Center Deira and Ibn Battuta Mall.

Five different night markets have been launched during the month of Ramadan at the Dubai Festival City Mall, Al Cheef, Mall of the Emirates, Mercado Mall and Bluwaters, where families and friends can enjoy the fast-paced experience of shopping and enjoying delicious food. Cultural activities.

In conjunction with “Rip by the Bay” the night market at the “Dubai Festival City Mall” offers its visitors a unique experience at restaurants offering Iftar and Suhoor dinners, Arabic music entertainment sessions, camel riding experience and other activities.

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The “Emirati Village” inside the mall showcases the true traditions of the Emirati people during the month of Ramadan, including workshops, children’s storytelling, traditional equipment and Arabic writing.

Also on “Seef Destination”, the Ramadan Night Seif Market showcases a wide variety of products from breakfast to midnight, including Ramadan home decor, Ramadan lamps, baby supplies and Ramadan sweets. The open space at “Al Seif” hosts a group of works of art in conjunction with the Dubai Culture and the Arts Commission and “Arabesk” for contemporary art installations, art shows and live performances.

The Mall of the Emirates’ “Ramadan Zaman Awal” market features unique activities that reflect the sense of local Emirati heritage, offering unique entertainment activities, workshops and a variety of local products and food suitable for a variety of family members and the general public.

“Mercado Mall” offers two markets during the official working hours of Ramadan, the first being “I Love You Ramadan”, the mobile market for marketing the latest Ramadan products and the second, “The Misk Market”. Collections of abayas and kaftans.

On Bluwaters Island, opposite Jumeirah Beach Resort, there are a variety of local dishes at Ramadan markets, as well as a variety of workshops and entertainment activities, children’s activities such as oat and cone players, henna art, and painting and storytelling.

Many shops in Dubai offer attractive marketing advertisements during the month of Ramadan for a variety of products and brands in fashion, beauty, home decor and more, while many hotels offer accommodation, restaurants and attractive offers for residents and visitors in Dubai. Enjoy the holy month of Ramadan in Dubai this year.

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Wam / Halima Al Shamsi / Azim Al Ghauli

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