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Emirates News Agency – Kaltoon Al Mubarak: Mubadala is a leading and key investor in advanced technology companies around the world


Dubai, 22 November His Excellency Khalifa Al Mubarak, Managing Director and CEO of WAM / Mubatala Investment Company, reaffirmed the UAE’s continued investment in key sectors based on innovation, including renewable energy, advanced technology and semiconductor technology. Mubatala plans to invest in the future.

Launched today at the Fourth Session of the World Summit on Industry and Industrialization, he said … and its significant impact on the global economy, the UAE has been able to pursue its plans with all its investments, the most important of which are always investments Requires patience and a special skill in managing and handling. The Mubatala Investment Group is distinguished by its competence and ability to perform its functions, and has succeeded in making it a reality.

He added, “Mubadala is a leading and key investor in advanced technology companies around the world, and in line with our long-term strategy, we look forward to investing in all promising sectors with strong potential for success, development and growth, including in the technology sector. Our capabilities and plans for the future.” , No doubt dealing with it effectively.

His Excellency Kaltoon al-Mubarak pointed out that the United Arab Emirates has been able to remain a link between the East and the West and that it has strong economic ties with China, Japan, Korea and India. India and China are one of the most important trading partners of the United Arab Emirates in the world, and the United Arab Emirates is able to manage its relations with all countries of the world, which reflects favorably on all partners in Asia and around the world. He enjoys close relationships with allies and allies, including the United States, and is a scientist with other countries.

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He said the coming years will be based on the prestigious and strong competitive position that the United Arab Emirates enjoys today, pointing out that the UAE has all the elements to help it achieve and start an international leadership in industry and innovation. Attempts to inspire innovation in all fields.

During the session, the Hon.

WAM / Ahmad Al Nuaimi / Abdel Nasser Monim

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