February 5, 2023

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Esaad Younes reveals scenes of the death of director Noor L. Demerdash

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Egyptian actress Isad Younes reveals scenes of the death of best director Noor El Demerdash.

During a meeting on “Radio 9090” yesterday, Essad explained that Demerdash had died during the filming of the series “The Fall in Beersheba”.

Also during her interview with the media, Fatima Mustafa said: “During the filming of the series (The Fall in Beersheba), we traveled for two days after filming, it was four in the morning.”

He added: “Get a phone call from the executive director. He told me the rest of your life. Professor Noor L-Demerdash died suddenly without any acquaintance. He just sat at home and gave up his soul.”

He said the task force had finished filming the series after the late director: “We were filming all the work in Italy and Greece at the time, and when we got back we did the decorations with Professor Ahmed Tawfiq, and they wanted to.

Proud to have worked on this series, he stressed, “This series is a virtue that has many memories in my heart because I loved this man so much.”

Esaad Younes recently participated in the series “The Choice 3” and the Minister of Culture Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem starred in the role and also starred in the series “The Returnees” alongside Aamir Carrara and Amina Khalil..


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