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“Etihad Airways” .. Achievement results beyond the level of 2019


Conversation: Rasha Tabila

Tony Douglas, CEO of Etihad Aviation Group, revealed that the airline made $ 290 million (1.06 billion dirhams) in profit before taxes, interest and depreciation in the first quarter of this year, recording unprecedented results. And is expected to record strong performance in the first half of this year.
In an interview with Etihad during Carrier’s attendance at the World Aviation Industry Summit in Abu Dhabi, Douglas said Etihad Airways had 77% of the seats booked in May, which was higher than the number recorded. Over the same period of 2019, this confirms the growth of demand.
He added: “In May 2020, we recorded 24 per cent seat occupancy rates, while in May 2021 we recorded 75 per cent.
Douglas’s positive earnings since the beginning of this year are due to the fact that “in addition to the stability of ticket prices, our transformation program has reduced operating costs, especially at a time when higher seat rates and demand for goods have increased significantly.”

Carrier Network
Commenting on the carrier’s network, Douglas said: “Through the alternative program, we have reduced the number of routines we normally see to more than 4 months per year, and last year we started launching seasonal flights. The islands of Mykonos and Santorney in Spain are needed in the summer for Greece in Malaga and Zanzibar, as well as Nice and Crete in France.
Douglas added: “During the epidemic, we reviewed our target network twice a week due to rapid and frequent changes in travel restrictions and procedures, while we reviewed them on an almost monthly basis before the epidemic.”
“Therefore, we constantly monitor and follow travel procedures and restrictions, occupation rates and requirements,” he said.
Etihad Airways currently operates 68 aircraft, including 5 cargo aircraft, and flies to approximately 67 destinations worldwide.
The company carried 3.5 million passengers last year, and the number of seats was approximately 39.6%, with passenger accommodation doubling in the second half of last year to 70.1% in December. Travel during the winter holidays. The company recorded a strong rise in passenger numbers in the fourth quarter of last year, following the easing of requirements and mandatory isolation periods in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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Commenting on the profit, Douglas said: “As we mentioned earlier, we expect to make a profit next year, depending on travel requirements, restrictions and so on. If strong performance continues, we can achieve the profit target faster than we achieved in the first quarter.”
According to Etihad Airways’ results for 2021, it saw a strong recovery in the level of passenger activity, with significant improvements in financial performance, reducing operating losses to $ 476 million ($ 1.70 billion in losses compared to $ 1.70 billion in 2020).

Tourist site
Following the lifting of travel restrictions for Abu Dhabi, Douglas said: “As Abu Dhabi is a global tourist destination that includes many unique tourist destinations, we look forward to the arrival of active tourists during the upcoming tourist season.”
In the company’s transformation plan since 2017, Douglas stressed: “We have excelled in implementing this plan because we have been successful in cutting costs and being able to have a more stable and efficient fleet from Boeing P787 and Airbus A350 aircraft.” . “
He continued, “We focus on our project on sustainability through a special sustainability agenda that builds a solid foundation for future generations.”
He stressed that success in achieving sustainability should not fall solely on the shoulders of airlines or manufacturers, but rather that it should be a joint effort between different stakeholders for success in achieving sustainability goals.
“We aim to reduce carbon emissions through Etihad Airways’ Sustainability 50 and Greenliner programs,” he added: “Today we have 39B787 aircraft and 5 new A350 aircraft that will be operational this year.”
Douglas stressed, “We are becoming the most stable Etihad Airways fleet in the world.”

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Sustainability projects
Douglas cited the launch of the world’s first green loyalty program and new generation economy class food and beverage services aimed at eliminating 80% of single-use plastics, as well as sustainability initiatives with the Navy.
The airline is on track to reach the zero carbon emissions target of 2019 by 2031, and thanks to various diversification efforts and the implementation of new operational plans to achieve efficiency, Etihad Airways has been able to reduce its carbon emissions from passenger fleet by 5.6% by 2021.
Etihad Airways has completed the world’s largest eco-flight experience program, operating 42 aircraft in 5 days last month to test performance, technologies and operational measures related to reducing carbon emissions. The event, which coincided with Earth Day associated with April 22, included 22 trips to avoid oppressive lanes within 3 days.

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