June 8, 2023

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Everyone is looking forward to .. 10 jobs that will reach the WhatsApp application in 2022

Everyone is looking forward to .. 10 jobs that will reach the WhatsApp application in 2022

This is considered an application Further Applications Instant messaging is widespread and used in the Gulf region and around the world, and it works Application Has partnered with Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram apps, to deliver the most up-to-date ever.

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WhatsApp has introduced new functions and features that provide users with tools that make the process of interacting with others easier, and also allow the ability to exchange and share files and multimedia with the click of a button. Despite releasing dozens of features from time to time, it is still involved in many improvements, the most important of which came in the current year, which contributed to making news services easier and more attractive to more users.

WhatsApp recently added the ability for users to interact with emojis on messages such as Facebook and Instagram so that they can respond to messages with emojis. Next year, users are waiting for new enhancements, which include adding a new option to select what they want to show or hide in the app, in addition to existing options to hide contact times.

WhatsApp will allow its customers to copy voice notes by processing voice messages and converting them to written text, simplifying the process of sending certain messages and benefiting from them when using them with other contacts.

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Not only that, but there are other improvements that the app introduces, especially the process of configuring group conversations with emojis and stickers. Another feature expected in the coming year is the ability to receive a voice note outside the conversation, which can be heard through another bubble that emerges from the conversation without having to re-enter the chat.

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It was decided that WhatsApp would allow the ability of a team, perhaps administrators – to send information to multiple contacts in use, but they would not be able to respond or respond to those messages, but only read them.

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