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“Farewell” Abdel Karim Abdel Kader: “The Wounded Voice” We Will Never Forget


Fans of late singers and singing stars from across the Gulf and Arab countries have joined the artistic community in mourning as soon as the news of the death of the great artiste Abdul Karim Abdul Qader was announced. His lamentation recalls his works of art which have created milestones in the conscience of all residents of the region over the years, his passing is a great loss.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information has mourned the late artist Abdul Karim Abdul Qader after a gentle journey lasting more than 60 years that left an indelible artistic legacy in the history of Kuwaiti music and undying love in hearts. Fans. According to its official statement.

The head of Saudi Arabia’s Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, issued a tweet mourning the deceased, in which he said: “Abu Khaled, you are physically gone, but you will be etched in our conscience and our memory. .. Kuwait will not be the only sad one today.. I can’t forget the epic of Wadan Al Nahr in 1991.. Today we lost a true artist with a unique identity like no other.

Artist Rashid Al-Majeed expressed his deep sadness at the departure of Abdul Karim Abdul Qadir, tweeting: “Farewell, the last night to unite us.” May God have mercy on father, professor and elder. Heart, artist Abdul Karim Abdul Qader. My deepest condolences and sympathies to my brothers and families in Kuwait, Gulf and Arab countries.

And the artist, Hussein Al Jazmi, wrote: “May God have mercy on you, Khalid, forgive you and give patience to your family and loved ones.”

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The artist, Ahlam, mourned the deceased, adding: “The sound of the beautiful time we loved is gone. May God have mercy on you, Bucharest.”

As for the artist, Abdullah Al-Ruwaish, he said: “My great brother, may God have mercy on you, may God have mercy on you, dear to our hearts, our voice, our teacher, and a flag from flags is our country .. Abdul Karim Abdul Qatar.

And Kuwaiti actress Nawal expressed her grief and said: May God have mercy on the voice of the motherland and the voice of our hearts, Abdul Karim Abdul Qader. Kuwait today lost a great man and its symbol. Signs.

Artist Fayez Al-Maliki took part in the funeral, calling for belated mercy and forgiveness, and patience for his lovers and family. And journalist Ahmad Al-Yamahi posted a tweet in which he expressed everyone’s respect and love for the late artist and his high status. And he wrote: “Many years ago, we called him through his son. The joy in his voice, the appreciation of his audience and the greatness of his work, all this without us knowing about us.. Abdul Karim Abdul Qader is not only. An artist, he is our mirror in front of our soul. , wounded voice people him Anis al-Wahsha and companion of the journey.. May God have mercy on you, Bukharat.

And poet Sheikha al-Jabri tweeted: “Oh, remnants of the night, a moment.. Farewell, that was and will be a part of our equal memory.. Farewell, our wounded voice.”

Musician Fahd Al-Nasser tweeted the great loss inoculated in the Gulf and Arab art scenes: “I know what I mean.. The Kuwaiti song has died with the departure of the first artist of Kuwait, Abdul Karim Abdul Qadr. From today all dictatorial ears will cry from a truly sweet cry.”

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About the Kuwaiti writer Saud Al-Sanousi, he said: “My heart beats, O Abu Khaled.. Farewell, O voice of Kuwait.. and a thousand graces and lights.”

The Emirati Musicians Association has expressed its condolences to the family of artiste Abdul Karim Abdul Qader and to all his fans in the Arab world.

A tradition that Kuwait is proud of

Singer Abdel Karim Abdel Kader has died at the age of 82 due to ill health.

Anwar Murad, spokesman for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, said, “The late great artist left a huge mark on the Kuwaiti art scene through which he gained fame throughout the great Arab world with his exquisite art and authentic voice. He gave many lyrics that reflect our heritage. ” Lyrically, the State of Kuwait is proud of it.

Abdul Ghader was born in 1941 and worked as a clerk in the Ministry of Interior before moving to the Ministry of Information, where he worked in the music department until his retirement. Over six decades, he sang hundreds of songs: “Jamr Al-Wada'”, “Shakbarak”, “Its Time”, “Al-Hanin”, “Wayin Merzak” and “Ahwal Al-Asheeqeen”. Lyrics.

Abdullah al-Ruwaish:

“May God have mercy on you, my elder brother … our voice and our teacher.”

Rasht Elmajid:

“I was a spiritual father, a teacher and an inspiration.”

Nawal Al Kuwait:

“May God have mercy on the voice of the motherland and the voice of our hearts that day.”

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