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Fighting Game Fashion Unbanned Tournaments


Street Fighter 2: World Warrior It basically made fighting games what they are today, but couldn’t prove itself against everything in the future. For example, if two players both want to pick Chun Li, one of them must be out of luck because the game doesn’t allow reverse matchups. Each player has a unique character. Fortunately, Championship edition This was fixed by introducing alternate colors to distinguish players from each other.

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And then, the next few SF2 The games added more color, and other 2D fighters followed suit, while their 3D cousins ​​produced at least two different outfits for each character. Now, they all have several outfits to choose from, and even more if players install mods. However, like those mods, some of them will end up in competitive play. These combat uniforms were banned from competitions.

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10 Gigas Preset 3

The Deccan World Championship Apparently that’s about it Deccan, the first 3D fighting game series known for its spiky-haired heroes and villains and eclectic gameplay. In the last few years, they have seen the best Tekken 7 Players face each other for prizes of up to $250,000. Custom costumes cannot be used, but game presets can be used to some extent.

With no alternate colors available, mirror match players must use rock-paper-scissors to get right. But some presets are completely blocked. Preset 3 Gigas made him a large block character, he had the same hitboxes as regular Gigas. This meant that those obtuse angles were basically unwieldy and made his movements hard to read. Although Gigas players are a rare sight due to his lower status, the rules are fair and apply to everyone. Added…

9 Jack-7 presets 3 & 4

Obstacle Fighting Sportswear - Jack-7 Presets 3 & 4

The Jack-7 is higher on the totem pole than the Gigas, though it suffers from some notable drawbacks. It’s still big, slow, and hard to get results. His equal Full Product 4 and Noisy Product 3 may have an advantage over Akuma or Feng Wei. TWT Because those rocks and angles hide his movements and hit the boxes. But that would be unfair.

This and the preset 3 Jack-7 made it difficult to see in dark conditions due to its dark shadow. Seems like asking about a small thing. However, awarding the $250,000 prize to lucky winners with personal quirks doesn’t do much more than winning jackpots and pure talent. Everyone should have an equal chance because how they play is more important than their tactics. Thus, Rock Jack and Cold Lightning Jack were banned TWT.

8 Summer vacation

Obstacle Fighting Game Clothes - Summer Vacation Yun

Not all barriers are caused by design flaws, or are permanent. Ji Yun on summer vacation Ultra Street Fighter 4 I’d be fine in Blanca’s worst carnival costume. It’s a yellow top and doesn’t look like his fictional cousin Jimmy Street Fighter 6. Yun’s sneer turned into another entry for a light strike causing it to become unbalanced.

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Cunning players were able to use this new shortcut to turn Yun’s Focus Attack into a Sprint Attack. SF3Like Parry, avoid enemy attacks with optional choices and artificially raise their player score. The summer vacation outfit has been banned since 2014 because she basically broke the game CapcomCup Other matches until the bug is fixed in the next update.

7 Street Fighter 5 Mega Men

Obstacle Fighting Game Costume - SF5 Mega Men

The most popular group of prohibited clothing is from Capcom Pro Tour 2020There are 13 luxury outfits Street Fighter 5 This was considered a violation of fair play. The biggest piece came out Mega ManThemed costumes such as Mega Man Ryu, Al-Tayer Rashid and Godsman Balrog.

Like their predecessors like Gigas and Jack-7, their lineage has changed so much compared to their usual goofy forms that they could be separate characters. For example, Airman Rasheed is much larger than the average Rasheed, although most of that size is invisible because he has the same hit boxes. to him Visual environment The suit was less dramatic, but it affected his victory points enough to move into the championship chest.

6 Blanca San

Obstacle Fighting Game Dress Up - Blanca San

Its former glory Street Fighter Blanca-san dolls became part of the game’s story as producer Yoshinori Ono looked for ways to capitalize on them as the Brazilian Jungle Man. He found this way by using it in his list of moves in the future Street Fighter 6. However, it was also used as a complete decoration SF5.

It’s crazy, funny, and forbiddingly awkward as Blanca-san temporarily freezes time to get some free shots of the adorable Dio. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Additionally, the Nergigante suite was booted due to the difficulty of reading it. It’s a shame because there are some nice details like some webbing on the neck that prove it’s a Blanca Monster hunterDisguise yourself.

5 Nero ed

Illegal Fight Sportswear - Nero Ed

Ed was interesting at first as the reckless psycho kid who hangs around the Balrog. It would have been an improvement over fellow clone Bison Abel. Instead, Capcom made him as fat as the rest SF5 Friends, his ambition to create a good version of Shadaloo for Bison is not particularly inspiring.

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He better get dressed Devil May Cry 4Nero, complete with a glowing ghost from La Nero’s Devil Trigger. This is prevented as the ghost follows everything Ed does, confusing the player with which attack to watch out for. Similarly, M. BisonN’Goblins are ghosts Astaroth’s costume made him appear larger than he actually was due to the wings on his back, causing him to be eliminated from the competition as well.

4 Oren gets drunk

Sportswear - Wesker Oren

SF5 I love creating different costumes, whether it’s a reference to other Capcom games or holidays. All the girls wear swimsuits for summer and cute Christmas outfits, and a Halloween costume highlight is where Quill becomes a zombie, Thalsim becomes a mummy, and Oren becomes Albert Wesker. Vampire.

The problem was that Wesker’s clothes were too dark. Black coat, trousers, shoes, gloves and shades meant only his white hair and tanned skin. If players end up in a dark stage, it basically hides, giving them an unfair advantage. Therefore, he was eliminated from the competition with his Halloween costume, where he was dressed as his brother Gil.

3 Byron Gill

Obstacle Fighting Sportswear - Byron Gill

Jill returned SF5: Hero EditionAnd was heavily influenced by its notoriously cheap price SF3: The Third Strike The last days of the leader. Now, he was a relatively fair and balanced person. As such, he became the first red and blue muscle man in Toga, so Oran players had to avoid his Halloween costume to avoid confusion. Like Jill players, if they choose her Byron costume.

Chun Li, Jury, Minat and others got it Dark HuntersInspirational outfits, but to be fair, they didn’t hurt the audience’s eyes. Byron Gill’s shades of orange and dark blue combined with the blur effect made it difficult to see anything he was doing, so he was blocked. By contrast, while Necalli’s Halloween Werewolf looks unscathed by comparison, the neon effects from V-Trigger were bad enough to warrant a ban for the same reason.

2 R Mica

Street Fighter 5 Rainbow Mecha Bug

Few fighting game franchises have gotten their libido on SixthWith tall kung fu guards, high-kicking schoolgirls and a tactical T-back area, it was considered the calmest of the competition. ‘King of Fighters’ My Shiranui. They didn’t have to worry about sports broadcasts in 1998 when Rainbow Mecha recently jumped in people’s faces. Street Fighter Alpha 3.

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However, when she returned sf5, Broadcasting standards have become a major problem. Television is one SF5 I saw a player who advised Micah to change his default look because his big bust and thongs were too much for TV. By CPT At the time, this included her professional attire as pom poms appeared larger than her arms. The general rule for matches is stay or lose proportionally.

1 Dead or Alive 120 Clothes 5: Last round

Obstacle Fighting Game Outfits - Hot DOA5 LR Outfits

If Sixth He is one of the least sexually motivated fighters. Dead or alive was more clear. If people ignore the fast-paced gameplay, destructible levels and deep techniques to stare/taunt the T n’A on the scene, some die-hard fans won’t like it. But the ninja team was no help to them DOA Extreme Series f DOA1s Option “bounce breasts”. A part of sexuality DOAMagic punches and kicks.

Play it safe, that is DOA Society imposed a soft ban on 120 women’s clothing DOA5: LR. This means that costumes can go on if the tournament organizer agrees, but it’s usually more appropriate if the players stay away from them. These costumes include bunnygirl swimsuit Ayane, sexy angel Kasumi, and cleverly placed Christmas ribbons for all the girls.

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