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Final Fantasy XVI Preview - Interview with Naoki Yoshida on Symbols, Boss Fights and More

Final Fantasy XVI Preview – Interview with Naoki Yoshida on Symbols, Boss Fights and More

Introduction to Square Enix a New Final Fantasy XVI Trailer During the latest PlayStation Game mode. It’s even bigger look at the upcoming RPG and the trailer revealed that Final Fantasy XVI will be released next summer.

Detective game Talk to gamemaker Naoki Yoshida, who will be the director of Final Fantasy XIV, about FFXVI’s new trailer for “Dominance”, which will recall medieval eco rights, icons, boss fights and more.

Detective game: Final Fantasy has a history of experimenting with different combat systems with new core values ​​and Final Fantasy XVI seems to be doing the same, with more focus on action in the main series so far. How did the team develop this fighting style, and how did the war director Riot Suzuki (designer who includes Devil May Cry 5, Dragon’s Dogma and Marvel vs. Capcom 2) bring it to life?

Navogi Yoshida: You asked me about the direction of the war system and decided that instead of creating the ultimate fantasy war systems of the past, we would change it to contribute to the overall evolution of the Final Fantasy series. Focuses on Final Fantasy. One of the real-time activities. So, when that thought came to us, we went in that direction, which made it easier for our boss and our war manager, Riota Suzuki, to bring something that was truly focused on the job.

For the combat system, based on these traditional final fantasy summonses, the protagonist Clive not only provides an arsenal of powerful attacks and abilities. Those attacks in real time. [This allows] Appears for strong combinations and smooth, sleek complexion.

You will see an example of that in it [Dominance] Trailer is one of Garuda’s abilities, where you lift the opponent in the air, then you can switch to Clive Titan while in the air and use one of Titan’s abilities to hit the opponent on the ground. Changing these kinds of seamless transitions and actions and combining them together to create these unique combos … it all depends on the different game styles of the players. There is a lot of space to customize these types of builds that Clive has and one of the fun things about our OS is that the player finds a configuration that matches his playing style.

Many of our developers are on our development team [Creative Business Unit III] He has no experience creating action games. It was so hard for us. Joining our team, Ryota Suzuki, a very talented experienced player, from combat methods to animation and everything he touched with his hands, saw the progress of our development, he became more talented than we thought. It was. We are really happy to receive it and bless you.

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G.I.: Throughout the trailer, at the top of the screen there are several health bars of man-to-man fights and iconic battles. What happens in these, do they remind us of fighting games?

Yoshida: As for the bars and the healthy interface, I saw a lot of reactions on social media after posting the trailer about how the user interface is reminiscent of a fighting game. When we started developing the game, we were told that “Clive Vs. Small Enemies “or” Icon Vs. Icon ”, when we first created it, we implemented it almost without a user interface on the screen. But we found that there was very little information during this game – we needed more information. However, we did not want the screen to be cluttered, so we went back and forth and after various attempts, came to the design … In the trailer, it just looks like a fight. A game that eventually took place.

However, the overall game design for the Eikon-Eikon battles should be unique, in fact, we do not use the same system twice. Every fight is unique in its game, so we do something very crazy.

For example, you can fight each other against an icon, and if you have an A-Icon and a B-Icon, this war will be like a 3D shooter. While another icon and another icon will look like a professional wrestling game, even a third icon with another icon against one icon will turn the whole area into a battlefield. Again, we will not use these settings, and each icon battle is unique and will change with each battle. For this reason, too, as wars are different in nature, the user interface of each war must change. So you will find small differences in the user interface between these battles. However, we had to cut a lot out of the trailer because it spoiled the story and we didn’t want to keep it.

Then, “Well, if you’re covering part of the UI, why not cover the entire UI like these HP bars?” Why did you leave her? “Because, if you remove all the HP tape and the entire user interface, they will start saying, ‘Oh, it’s pre-processed, it did not work in real time.’ .

G.I.: Many players are excited about the possibility of a player’s ultimate fantasy from the developers behind FFXIV. What learning, dynamics, story systems and techniques can FFXIV fans expect to appear in FFXVI in any genre?

Yoshida: So Final Fantasy XIV is primarily designed as MMORPG, while Final Fantasy XVI is designed as a single player game, so from the beginning, you will get completely different design ideas. MMORPGs, as you know, are about longevity – you create long-term experiences to maintain that user base.

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However, I think you can say that single player games are instantly satisfying. They are fast and they attack you with excitement. This excitement is concentrated in a small package. So with that in mind, at least for the time being, you can imagine that Final Fantasy XIV is not much affected by Final Fantasy XVI. However, one of the most distinctive features of Final Fantasy XIV is the kind of connection that connects the development team with the community. [and] The degree of back-and-forth communication between the development team and the community. Over the past 11 years, interacting with the community has provided us with valuable information about what fans have come to expect and expect from this series. So our 11 years of knowledge base has helped and allowed us to incorporate some of these ideas into the development of Final Fantasy XVI.

G.I.: Mainline Final Fantasy games are leaning more towards the modern timeline, with a strong emphasis on combining technology and magic, but FFXVI is certainly not the most medieval or classic FF. How did the team come up with this definition and period during the development of the game?

Yoshida: The answer to this is actually quite simple: there are many key members inside [Creative Business Unit III] I really enjoyed those classic finale fantasies and the classic feel of the medieval European fantasy – including myself – and wanted to create a game with that fantasy. When we came out with this game, we wanted to take that classic medieval European fantasy and combine it with the unique idea we had, and then take it all in and try to explain it with current technology. Something very wonderful.

As it is known, the final fantasy series is very popular or infamous because it is different at every entry in the series. However, after a recent user review, we found that many users have a lot of recent end-fantasy games. [games] She was adamant in this view, so we wanted to use this as an opportunity to get out of it and try something else; Not only for us, when thinking about the future and upcoming plans of Final Fantasy, we want to try something else, yes, it can show that we can go in different directions without focusing on the series.

Although we have released the second trailer, we are currently preparing to release the third trailer this fall. In this trailer, we hope to focus a little more on the stories of the world and the story, and provide that information to the actors to show them how the story will be, how the story will be, and how it will be. Applies to the world.

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G.I.: You are obviously a very busy person with FFXIV, but now you are an FFXVI maker. How does a new single player work on FF and how do you feel when you are allowed to lead a Creative Business Unit III project?

Yoshida: It doesn’t matter what kind of project I work on. Being the boss of any sport or any project, the pressure is always huge. There will always be a lot of people and money. You know I’m a producer and director in Final Fantasy XIV. However, this time for the sixteenth, I am only a producer. Only in this sense, it is a huge burden on my shoulders.

Final Fantasy XVI is the latest installment in the series, meaning all eyes are on us, everyone is struggling to figure out what kind of game it will be, and much of that pressure goes directly to the director. Again, this pressure is not all on the producer, but like I said, director, Hiroshi Takai or war director, Riot Suzuki or creative director and screenwriter Kasutoyo Mahiro or I even fall, I want to be a director, help localize world knowledge and things like that , We have a lot of pressure. And as a producer, it’s my job to see that this pressure does not come too much on those who work under my supervision. These kinds of interviews, talking to the media, ensuring that important information is leaked so that the burden does not fall on the employees. Putting that burden off of them is so much easier for me than being a director again.

I had the utmost respect when that company came to me again [Creative Business Unit III] She also asked us to manage a large number of final fantasies. But then again, this opportunity would never have been possible without the time we spent in Final Fantasy XIV, the voice of the users and the voice of the media that includes us. So I would like to thank them for giving us this opportunity to create the latest Final Fantasy game.

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