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Finally.. Tamer Hosni has found a heroine for his film, El Gouna festival is coming back



Finally.. Tamer Hosni has found a heroine for his film, El Gouna festival is coming back
Cairo (News Now)

Tamer Hosni has found a heroine for his film, El Gouna festival is coming back

In the last few hours, the art scene has seen a group of news leading social networking sites and social media platforms, the most important of which is the controversy of artist Fifi Abdo for dancing wearing a hijab at one of the evenings.

Fifi Abdo posted a video clip on her Instagram account in which she danced to a Gulf song amid cheers and loud applause from the audience.

This week’s latest movie earnings

In terms of cinema film earnings, artist Mohammad Noor’s movie “Love” has been consistently earning a small amount since its theatrical release, yesterday, February 21, 2023, which earned around 524 pounds at the box office. The office brought its total revenue to £50,000 in the two weeks it watched.

The events of the film “Love” revolves around its details, in a romantic comedy structure, about Rameses, a rich young man who returns to Egypt after the death of his father, and suddenly becomes responsible for his half-brother. A love story with a simple girl who refuses to date a high-class man, so he is forced to live with two characters until she gains his admiration, the work has been played. By Muhammad Noor, King of Qura, Karim al. -Hussaini, and directed by Muhammad Hamdi.

Yesterday, Tuesday February 21, Ramez Jalal starrer My Brother Above the Tree earned around £102k, bringing its total to £13m in 5 weeks.

The movie My Brother Above the Tree deals with the story of Alaa, an introverted youth who leads a healthy and organized life, but the entry of his double Baha, who is unaware of his existence, turns it upside down. under.

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Saudi Arabian film Al-Hamor took in around £6,000 on Tuesday to reach eighth place, bringing its total to around £50,000 in its first week of release, and starring Fahad Al. -Written by Qahdani, Khaled Yaslam, Hani Kadoor and directed by Abdullah Al-Qurashi.

The film is 120 minutes long and its events revolve around a true story that took place in 2003, a security guard named Hamad, who amassed a fortune by cheating and tricking people into investing their money, he became the best. person, but events soon turned.

Tajil Sandi and Tamer Hosni

The artist revealed Tamer Hosni During the TV reports about artist Sandy’s acting in his new film “Taj”, the heroine of the work Mai Omar apologized for the shooting dates, hinting that she was happy with the collaboration and that the role was meant to be. New to her.

And My Omar announced his apology for participating in the work, through a post on his account on “Instagram”, he said: “Unfortunately, there have been changes in the shooting dates, and Tamer Hosni and I have agreed that, God willing, we will meet soon in another work and my best wishes to Tamar and the whole family. .May the film succeed and be successful.” Commenting on his apology message, Tamar Hosni said, “See you at the best work, God willing, Mioch, God bless you in all your work and break the world as usual.

The movie Taj starring Tamer Hosni witnessed the artist Hana Zahid apologize for participating in the work: Tamer Hosni is my best friend and there were situations where I could not take photos with them due to time.

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“Taj” is the second collaboration between director Sara Wafik and Tamer Hosni after last year’s “Mish Ana” was a hit when it hit the theaters. A psychopath and does many strange behaviors that he doesn’t like, such as hitting himself or forcefully moving his body, as if someone else is doing it to him, no one will believe what is happening to him.

Saga spider in America

Artist Ahmed El Sakka is awaiting the release of his movie “The Spider” in theaters in the US and Canada starting March 3 next.

Spider movie starring Ahmed El Sakka, Mona Zaki, Tafar El Abidin, Yousra El Losi, Reem Mustafa, Mohamed Lotfi, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Zaki Fatin Abdel Wahab, Akram El Sharkawi, Mahmoud Gharib and many more. Written by Mohamed Nair and directed by Ahmed Nader Kalal, the film features a thrilling action setting with guests Mohamed Mamdouh, Chico, Shaima Seif.

Khalid Tajuddin is waiting for the elephant

Rapper and songwriter Khaled Taj El-Din is gearing up to shoot a new video clip in the world of rap, titled The Elephant, written and composed by Amin Nabil, Master Douma, directed by Ayman Noor and produced by Taj Productions.

Elephant is the seventh song and his sixth clip in the world of rap, he declared that he is enjoying this experience for his true love for the art of rap.

El Gouna Festival Mass

announce El Gouna Film Festival The date of its sixth session will be October 13-20, 2023, in El Gouna, one of Orascom Development’s integrated cities on the Red Sea.

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The short interval allowed the festival management to review the technical and organizational aspects of the festival and to focus on the festival’s central role in its previous sessions through its contribution to the development of the film industry, regionally and globally. .

“El Gouna Film Festival is an important artistic, creative and cinematic event in the region and I am committed to sponsoring it so that it can continue to contribute to improving the scene of the film industry, locally, regionally and globally,” said Samih Sawiris, founder of the festival. I have renewed my faith in the importance of art and culture and their role in the development of society. I am happy that El Gouna continues to be home to one of the most creative cultural festivals.”

In addition, El Gouna Film Festival is pleased to announce that the festival’s co-founder and entrepreneur, Amr Mansi, has been appointed as the Festival’s Executive Director. Mansi’s appointment comes in line with establishing the festival’s vision for the coming years to support the festival’s impact as a key catalyst for the growth of the film industry, providing a creatively rewarding experience for delegates, guests and individuals attending the festival. region.

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Shakira Pays Additional $7 Million in New Tax Probe



Shakira Pays Additional $7 Million in New Tax Probe

AMMAN — After the first day of her trial on tax fraud charges in Barcelona, ​​Colombian pop star Shakira has reached a judicial settlement in Spain over tax evasion charges, avoiding a possible sentence of three years in prison for embezzling 14.5 million euros ($15.7 million) in Spanish income tax between 2012 and 2014. The court said he was cheating by not paying.

But even after this settlement and agreement it seems these issues are not over and Shakira has to face other such issues.

New reports suggest that Shakira is still facing challenges related to tax issues in Spain. After settling a criminal case with the Spanish government last week, he paid nearly $27 million to receive a lighter sentence after pleading guilty to tax fraud charges between 2012 and 2014.

The star faces a new investigation targeting the artist over alleged tax fraud in 2018.

Total amount paid by artist Shakira
According to a report by Spanish newspaper El Periodico, Shakira paid an additional $7.2 million in this new investigation, and it is not yet clear if this amount is considered a guarantee or a new settlement to end the case.

Citing anonymous judicial sources, the newspaper indicated that Shakira’s move to pay this amount could be a step towards greater leniency upon completion of the case, which is different from the practice followed in the US, which indicates that the payment of this amount is not. should be considered as a confession.

If this information is confirmed and Shakira loses this amount, it means that she paid a total of about 34 million dollars to settle her tax problems that have plagued her for years.

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Although this is somewhat shocking, it can happen to someone as wealthy as Shakira, who is estimated to be worth $300 million.

“my lady”

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Hosam Ashour and his wife console the son of artist Tariq Abdel Aziz with his father.. VIDEO



Hosam Ashour and his wife console the son of artist Tariq Abdel Aziz with his father.. VIDEO

Books – Islam Shaiba: Photo – Ibrahim Saeed

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 12:00 AM

The lens of “Youm 7 TV” tracked several stars who were eager to attend the funeral of late artist Tariq Abdel Aziz held at the Police Mosque in Sheikh Zayed, including Captain Hosam Ashour and his wife, artist Mohammad Riad. , Sulaiman Eid, Karim Al-Husseini, Rania Farid Shawqi, Tonya Abdel Aziz, Mona Abdel Ghani, and media personalities Amr Al-Laithi, Muhammad Al-Qaidi, Director Mando Al-Adl, Yusra Al-Lawsi, Hanadi Muhanna, and Omar Talaat Zakaria, and Magdy Badr and Mahmoud Al-Bazavi also attended shortly before.

The funeral of the late artist Tariq Abdel Aziz started at the Police Mosque in Sheikh Zayed, artist Ahmed El Sakka was the first to offer condolences. Artist Yusra El Losi was also keen to attend the funeral of the late artist. Tariq Abdel Aziz and artists Magdi Badr and Mahmoud El Basawi were present.

Artist Tariq Abdel Aziz died last Sunday at the age of 55 after suffering a sudden heart attack while filming his scenes with artist Sherif Mounir in the series “We Left Two,” which is set to premiere soon. On United Media Services channels, she was filming a scene where she was escorted by Sharif Mounir, when suddenly, she collapsed on the floor and had a seizure, her son – a business manager who was with her – immediately picked her up. Hospital, but before he arrived he breathed his last.

A large number of art stars were keen to attend the funeral procession of Tariq Abdel Aziz, which was held from the Police Mosque in Bin Sheikh Zayed yesterday after noon prayers on Monday. , Mustafa Qamar, Hamada Hilal, Iyad Nasser, Dalia Mustafa, Aydan Amar, Ahmad Risk, Hamza Al-Ayli, Ahmad Al-Shami, Director Ahmad Shafiq, Mahmoud Abdel Ghafar.

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Ahmed Khaled Saleh and Hanadi Muhanna, Ashraf Zaki, Ahmad Tash, Sameh Al-Zaridi, Suleiman Eid, Alaa Morsi, Nihal Anbar, Salwa, who accompanied the body of Tariq Abdel Aziz from the hospital to the police mosque, also participated in the funeral. Muhammad Ali, Yusuf Othman, Umar Talat Zakaria. , Ali al-Tayeb Jamal al-Adl, Muhammad al-Adl, Muhammad Riyad, Fattou Ahmad, Muhammad al-Sawi, Ayman Assab, Ihab Fahmi and other artists.

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“Marithi Wa Daham”…a traditional comedy with contemporary issues in Ramadan



“Marithi Wa Daham”…a traditional comedy with contemporary issues in Ramadan

“Politics” visited the set of the series linked to individual episodes and met its stars

Mufare Hijab

Director Abdullah Al-Araq continues to film the “My Sickness and Damage” series, written by a team of writers including Muhammad Al-Gandari, Faisal Al-Balushi, Takreet Al-Dawud, Abdullah Al-Massab and Badr Al-Omar. And each of them has a different stamp and idea to present a unique piece of drama, as the writing is like a workshop, this style of drama writing has gained many successes in recent times, and a group of stars also participate. The series, notably Abdel Nasser Darwish, Ahmad Al-Aunan, Sultan Al-Faraj, Emirati Bilal Abdullah, Iman Faisal, Ali Al-Muhaini, Manal Al-Jarallah, Ahmad Al-Najjar, Qadeer Hassan, Fatima Al-Tabbagh and producers Malek Numerous artists as guests of honor produced by “Velasso” company for Saba and Abdullah Al-Araq. Visited the set of “Politics” and met the working stars.
Artist Ahmad Al-Unan considered Family Gathering to be one of the comic works that audiences are looking for during Ramadan, as it contains many ideas and projections. Traditionally, it is fiction that discusses the current conditions, but in a way that involves many trials and alienations such as crowds, traffic, high prices, etc., indicating that comedy is now more in demand than ever, but it faces many problems in terms of texts, production quality and others.
Emirati artist Bilal Abdullah revealed the character he embodied and said: I portray the character of “Baker Bilali”, with whom all the people of Al-Farej gather and with whom he feels they are one family. He knows their problems intimately and brings them a lot of familiarity and friendship, but there are events surrounded by interest and suspense, which it is difficult to express now, expressing his happiness to be in Kuwait with this great and intelligent. Artists group.
Although the artist Sultan al-Faraj confirmed that this work includes all history through the character “Abu Madi”, when al-Faraj’s people do not accept anything related to history, they come to him, the series “Murdi and Taham” is one of his humorous works. It has a distinct character in standalone, connected episodes, so viewers will feel like a movie every day.
Actress Iman Faisal said: I am creating a “satisfying” character, and she is one of those characters who explodes a problem every day in Al-Fareez, without reason or by a strange “character.” The environment of the work and its traditional events, with a humorous atmosphere. Together, he pointed out, it made it a different situation.
Artist Qadeer Hasan always follows her husband out of fear of women, she added: I am very evil-tempered, but with a good heart, and hope that the work will come out worthy of the effort. It is put in it.
Notably, “Murti Yum Taham” is a traditional fantasy comedy, which is set in a village to suit the events. It is expected to be shown in the next Ramadan as its events take place through two friends. At that time the brothers-in-law “Murdi” Abdel Nasser Darwish and “Dahham” Ahmad Al-Unan, as well as “Dahham” married Martia’s sister “Martia”, whose role the artist plays. Iman Faisal on the other hand is the home of “Bowmati,” Sultan Al-Faraj, “Marti and Martia’s uncle,” who lives with his daughter “Salaim” Qadeer Hassan and her husband “Faraj.” Ahmad al-Najjar, and they all live in Frej, they are all madmen led by Martiya and Dahham, they have the behavior of swindlers, and every day they discuss with Martiya and begin to execute it. .
The series is usually full of anecdotes and unique stories, suitable for the context of the holy month of Ramadan and far away from the traditional comedic works presented earlier, as the production chose a difficult equation to present a traditional work. Visitors to the ancient era, the period of “earthen houses”, but in an imaginative manner and details. Colors, fashions and decorations with a different and fresh flavor, and modern topics and issues applicable to everyone including artificial intelligence, modern technology, globalization, mobile phones, internet and many other issues derived from the current reality.

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